Unlock higher SS by activating integrated GPU additionally (Skylake)


Just in case that you own a Intel CPU with integrated graphics you may wanna try this. Feedback greatly appreciated.

While beeing pissed of that rendering h264 h265 stuff on premiere makes no use of my 1080ti (only for certain plugs) i figured that it is done by CPU entirely.

After some research came across a solution that at least decreases rendering time enormously!

Intel integrated GPUs usually get turned off on your bios as soon as you install a GPU. And everybody leaves it like that because why bother bout a crappy integrated GPU, right? I set the Bios to use both GPUs and boom… Rendering on premiere was noticeably much faster on most common codecs.
While decoding h264/h265 is very smooth and fast, encoding is a bitch.

At the same time I can set way higher application SS and Steam SS than before!! (vive)
I somehow have the feeling that INTELs Quicksync helps with the workload of Supersampling.

I may try to provide a comparison if I find the time. Until then feel free to try it yourselves, since it is only a couple of clicks.


Wow hope that counts for the 8700k as well :yum:
I don’t understand how because we are using the connector on the 1080ti?
Going to do a comparison in 3dMark tomorrow :grin:


I don’t know if 3d mark includes any results that are dealing with SS. It’s not like that you gain more frame performance. I’m no pro on the subject more of a try and error guy since C64. It seems to me like that the integrated GPU takes off some graphics related rendering workload off the CPU. And since SS is very GPU demanding (like encoding h265) and it needs to be kinda re-entered it even makes sense to me.


We’ll see, but anyway a good find!
The whole ss thing still isn’t clear to me. I have never heard from it, till i got interested in vr. Never had anything to do and never saw this supersampling option in any 2d game i ever played on my 1080p 27inch monitor and as far as i can tell it always looked great and detailed on it. Can’t figure why with a 1440p screen in the Pimax i suddenly have to ss things to ramp up output resolutions to ridiculous rates, while only having a 1440p display in the hmd. And not having a scaler in the 5k makes me understand it even less :thinking:


Well a partially similar concept exists for ages called down sampling.

Does not deal with my topic though but just in case you have a capable GPU and are only playing on a 1080p 60hz Monitor you are basically wasting a lot of your GPUS capabilities.

Just check it out if you like.
The idea is to make your GPU think that you actually have a monitor with a higher resolution, let’s say 4k.
You can do that in AMD/Nvidia Settings choosing manual resolution.
Now all of your games provide higher resolution settings although you monitor is not laid out for that.
The effect of course will therefore not be a higher resolution due your displays limitation but a beautiful and far better antialising than any of even highest antialising game settings.
So pressing a 4k image into a display that basically needs to down sample it by nature will still provide a more detailed picture.


This will be interesting. On the p4k one needs to turn off the igpu as the hesdset driver usually picks up the igpu & won’t run the headset.

@SweViver @mixedrealityTV @park @VoodooDE @PimaxVR

Might want to try this on the pimax headsets. It would be awesome to utilize mgpu features. I recall years ago you could do this with Rage enabling cuda from the onboard nvidia gpu while playing on an amd card. My understanding Nvidia fixed this benefit in later drivers.


Thank you for that info, i will try that tonight. Always tought that anti aliasing in game settings and the amount of pixels a screen has, were the reason for lesser jaggies.Now I remember having a 720 projector in the past and feeding it with 1080p from the xbox 360, it looked indeed better than feeding 720p.

Edit: Found a link about this: https://www.pcgamer.com/directx-12-will-be-able-to-use-your-integrated-gpu-to-improve-performance/


Well, tested different things, like enabling the Igpu on the 8700k together wit the 1080ti… In Timespy i got a significantly lower score. Other tests would crash. Also saw no option for sli in the bios of the Maximus 10 Hero, also no option for sli in the Nvidia control panel.

When reverting, i did some tests like a resolution of 1440p on my monitor, but than tekst will be too small.
Lastly i did a test with farcry 5, setting the resolution to 1440p… It chrashed at the end of the benchmark. Then tried oversampling in-game on a 1440p as well as 1080p setting in game. Crashed also.

I dont think this whole supersampling thing is really working? I have a high end pc with premium components, but im afraid it’s still not enough. Or maybe i am doing things the wrong way. Is the Steam and/ or Pitool supersampling something different than what i was doing/ trying on my monitor?


yes it’s s diffferent topic as i stated


Got it, its more of use for the specific application in Premiere. Hoped it would give an extra edge in vr gaming as well.
Thanks for sharing anyway :slight_smile:


Additional Activation of your integrated graphics may enhance your VR experience as stated iny topic for more Super Sampling.

The Downsampling method is to increase your 2D experience and has nothing to do with your integrated GPU.


Keep in mind if your running pimax 4k; it really hates onboard gpu active with a discrete one.


That’s too bad :slight_smile: I just suggested to try the concept of downsampling (not super sampling) on his rig to get a slight grasp how scaling something on higher resolution can lead to a better experience. If mindscan was having issues activating his integrated gpu I advice to try it without, which works perfectly for 2d related stuff.


It actually works, but do not confuse supersampling with downsampling. Both lead somewhat to a similar achievement to get a better picture on a display.
But it needs at some technical interest and try and error.


Thanks, Helio, apreciated. I don’t own any hmd till the 5k comes in :sunglasses: I only played for several hours on a Vive :fearful: And it was great, except for the sde, god rays and narrow vision, lol. When it comes to vr, i’m a total noob!


Understood. I was trying to pre-test in 2d. We all can’t wait you know :rofl:


I am surprised that almost nobody replied to the “activate integrated GPU in order to gain more SS headroom for VR in steam” I own a vive and I definitely can increase SS values after that move.
It was more of a coincidence observation as stated in the OP. At least it is proven that it is improving rendering times in premiere, figured there are some Youtube Videos out there on that topic.
I think it’s funny people bitching about performance capabilities and only try to buy overly expensive stuff instead of maxing out what they actually already have.


Well atm folks are more focus on the circus that Seb seems to be stirring up.


:sweat_smile:SLI is also something completely different. Yes, it is also an idea to merge or at least combine 2 or more GPUS to gain more performance. But you will need identical GPUs for that.
My OP topic was purely VR related and suggested to add the integrated GPU that will more like support certain specific operations. This is usually activated under advanced settings in your bios, system agent, graphics config. As @Heliosurge stated it may run into issues on certain setups but in my case it works fine.


@Heliosurge cut Seb some slack. Ok people got pissed cuz the topic sounded imparative but I’m sure it wasn’t meant like that and after all Seb is a win for the community. Besides he already suffered enough for having Marco right on his butt which is sorta the worst annoying punishment ever and should free him from all prior sins.