Unlock higher SS by activating integrated GPU additionally (Skylake)


I do cut him slack. Beleive me been dealing with flags most of the morning & day over the intensity of his topic.

Yes Marco wasn’t helping at all with his vehementl opposite viewpoint either.

If Seb could just let his review & reccommendation stand without the need to push his choice as the only correct choice. No other tester is feeling the need to push their opinion like he has been doing.


Guess he still needs to find his way. His obvious dream is/was becoming a YouTuber and make a living out of that. And he may have over stepped a little in presenting him as a little too important. But it’s not that much of a drama for my opinion. Yeah plp are pissed for waiting and not beeing able to decide so many just feast and vulture on everything they can bitch about.
All of the 3 youtubers have very strange attitudes and approaches for my taste towards certain things but they do not insult people and I dig their commitment.
I’d prefer to communicate about technical stuff that is actually bringing people and myself forward. But honestly I am bit disappointed that only a few people jump on that train whether it was VR Player, Benchmarking or the integrated GPU thing. Because after all, where is the logic talking about the performance of a device without considering the software that I am using it with or the hardware that I use? So if plp prefer to talk he said she said…well that’s not much of my thing.


Thanks for helping. I know what SLI is, it’s just some info on internet that with dx12 you could activate SLI on different (i) gpu’s together.


You can and could search this forum for this info yourself.


I was and would :grin:


Ohhkay thanks a lot!!


Thanks a lot. I am going to try this definitely.