Unneccessary hate on PimaxUSA

I don’t understand why so many people in the Pimax subreddit (many users on this forum) are up in arms about PimaxUSA having multiple accounts on the forum or reddit.

As far as I understand, PimaxUSA had one account on this forum which was his backer account, which is now deleted. I don’t understand why people have had issues with him having a backer forum account as he stated many times he was a backer before working for Pimax.

As for his personal reddit account (which I’ve seen people accuse him of having one with no definitive proof) what’s the big deal? He’s allowed to have a personal reddit account.
Considering the amount of flaming Pimax receives on Reddit and on these forums I can honestly say I can understand why Kevin might have posted his personal opinions on his personal reddit account.

It seems to me that the community is fixated on attacking the man, when there only reasons to do so are PimaxUSA sharing his personal opinions on his personal Reddit account and these forums on his backer forum account. Considering the toxic downvote culture on Reddit, who really cares if PimaxUSA posted his personal opinion on his private reddit account or on his now deleted backer account on these forums?

Seems like those issues aren’t really worth getting upset about. As for lying about previous announcement dates or items, deleting posts or banning controversial opinions which allegedly did not break TOS, these are the real issues and moving forward let’s hope PimaxUSA takes a similar stance to moderation that Sweviver has chosen to take. - although I understand kerbing toxicity on the forums I can not support the deleting of comments and threads which attempt to raise real issues in a polite manner (such as continued instances of cracked housing, amongst other things) That needs to stop, and if it continues to happen then people will only get more up in arms about it. As much as we want Pimax to succeed, and many people won’t care if a CSR is being unreasonable if the product is good, this kind of PR strategy of ignoring issues by not replying or sweeping them under the rug by deleting posts and threads has to stop.

I really can not sympathise with anyone elses concerns regarding these issues, I think people need to pick battles worth fighting and not get up in arms about a CSRs marketing strategy when all he’s trying to do is make Pimax succeed as a company and deal with the unreasonable and uninformed backlash on Reddit in a civil manner by expressing his personal opinions, private account or not.

If you think he’s unduly influencing public opinion by sharing positive opinions and upvoting his own polls, you should consider the fact and remember that there are many others who have done the same, on Reddit and likely on these forums too. It’s not unreasonable for someone to express their personal opinion on their private accounts. If there was more than one private reddit and forum account then I guess its a little bit of a different story, but my opinion would not change much and i’ve seen no proof of PimaxUSA having more than one private forum account and reddit account.

This isnt the right forum to discuss this and even if it were. We wouldn’t discuss this.

I will say that Pimax collectively has bad PR practices and its easy to point fingers but as an corporate entity. Pimax needs to ‘grow up’.

Most people would be fine with delays but Pimax way is to go radio silent for a while, last minute announce the delays or both. Which is honestly infuriating but they are slightly blessed that they are not in the public eye because there are bigger fish to fry.


I have no issues with Pimax USA. I never attacked him or adressed him personally.
I am however completely astonished how quickly he went into “obscure messages without any content mode” just like the pimax guys do it.

I know it is hard to reply when you cannot give a definitive answer or are not allowed to. That doesn’t make it better though.
The main problem is that the company does stuff without thinking it through. Guys like Pimax USA are between a rock and a hard place from that on because they must know it can only gow bad from there on.

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reddit is just a honey pot for retards and haters. why even bother? Anybody who wants to seriously discuss can use this forum here.

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I would agree this kind of talk fits better on reddit or old ladys bingonight. Certainly not here or at least not under Pimax 8k series.



“General discussion” category and “opinion” tag seems fitting. Changed it.


Good call , thanks. 2020


As for missing dates, it is part of pimax trying to get the information to us as soon as possible (premature). Partially due to community demand. Most likely their attempts to judge demands (hence presales).