Unticked 1080p and got Disconnected


Im using a laptop with Pimax 4K just to watch movies on the go. Laptop got Nvidea 525M graphics and so far its was okey.

In Video mode pimax was detected as 1920x1080 by windows (since begining). So i unchecked 1920x1080 setting in piplay Device page. But now pimax is not detected.

Piplay show both HDMI & USB are connected but no screen and i can see Red Cross near pimax 4k picture in piplay. :confounded:

What happned? Is my graphics too low to handle higher resolutions? :frowning:


having a look at that mobile GPU, it is pretty basic. only 2x the performance on an IGpu. https://www.geforce.com/hardware/notebook-gpus/geforce-gt-525m/specifications

I would try opening steams vr tester and see what your score is. just to put your mind at rest.