Upcoming EU Roadshow: Will you attend VR Days, VR Berlin and VR Space? Please vote!

I will absolutely be at VRDays!
So if I read it right, we cannot book a timeslot in advance for VRdays, right?

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If it’s like 2017 you just write your name on a list when you’re at their stand and that’s your spot

Hi Martin, I’ll be there. How can we get Time slot booking?

Thank you!

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@SweViver, would there be a UK Event?


Would definitely attend if it were in Munich, but 5h by train (one way) or a flight to Berlin to see something I will get myself anyways a month later (fingers crossed) is a little far off.

Will any of these events be streamed or recorded? (Could understand if the people who attend would prefer a “rather not” ok course)

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Honestly I would almost pay for the airfare and hotel just to picket Pimax. Their handling of this entire thing has become shameful.

Heh, I’m not a CC lol. I’m sure MRTV and VoodooDE will be there though :slight_smile:

@SweViver I want to see the Pimax 8kx at the VR Days but it’s pretty expensive compared to Gouda and I can’t come 1st december.
Can you get us a discount for the VR Days ?

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@SweViver I’m interested in this too, you mentioned something of a discount earlier. Or at least you would have more info later. I am waiting with buying a ticket for your information about this.

The time booking slots will be available soon. Im currently working on this, for all the events :slight_smile: I will announce this in a video before the weekend!

Regarding VR Days, we have a very limited number of free tickets which are already reserved, but I will ask about a possible discount for day passes. No promises made yet though…

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A discount for a day pass is all I need :slight_smile: I would like to see the 8K-X before I order it.

Hey guys sweviver ,just said on his youtube channel that he will be live streaming from vr days!!!
So we will get more 8kx and 8k+ footage and peoples reaction!!! Should be good :grinning:


The VR days ticket just went up in price, 80 euros instead of 54…
When Pimax can’t give me discount on the entrance fee I’ll wait for 8KX version 2. I can’t attend 1 december in Gouda and I don’t want too buy an 8KX without seeing it and 80 euros is too much because I’m only interested in seeing the 8KX.


I think generally that is not the worst idea. Early versions often have problems that later iterations do not have…


2 december in Gouda would be a nice option, could that still happen ?

“Some place”, yeah why not ~