Update 12/6/18: M1 tracking info



Two of the M1 prototypes are about to arrive!

The travel route of M1 testing units: Pimax factory -> Shanghai office -> Hong Kong -> M1 Testers

5K/8K Official Updates
What is the delay?
Pimax 31/05/2018 update: M1 units have left the building

Hi Xunshu. How many M1 units did you keep for internal testing? thx


Wow they look well packed.


I can’t give an exact number, but we have reserved at least half of the M1 prototypes for internal testing and other reasons.

Pimax8K M1 showing at E3 next week?

It’s hard to keep my enthusiasm in check. It feels like Christmas is just around the corner. Unfortunately, my backer # is in the 3000s, so I know it’s going to be months before I’ll get mine.


Thats good to hear! Thaks for the update xunshu. 祝你好运


there are a lot going to Germany! but yes its good to hear they are nearly there


Thanks Xunshu for updating us on the shipping details of the M1 units.

I’m glad you posted this as it keeps certain people from guessing that you shipped these
via regular mail and spreading dis-info on the forums.

I’ll get back in my box now and wait patiently for the reviews of the M1 units.

Cheers :wink:


They processed the second package for the clearance twice. Those Germans are really thorough :wink:


Not necessarily. :smile: They didn’t process the first package for clearance at all (or failed to record it).


I believe that the first one has not yet made it to the clearance.

Anyway, one question to the fellow enthusiasts in Germany (@VoodooDE) as you are probably the closest to me: Would you be willing (and allowed) to make a “public” demo for backers?


It truly looks as if these units was put through some hard testing. I just notices the wider gap on this unit. As long its working fine and it looks great looking through/ from the inside I doubt the tester will take care of imperfections of the shell. :smile: now jus waiting for the xmas…ehmm…I mean, waiting for the testing results and getting hands on my unit (up in the 53xx) :sweat: cheers!


I don’t think they are allowed until pimax says they can go public with their reviews. I believe it has been mentioned before


Cant help but note these look like specialised boxes and this is probably very much what shipping of m1 to backers will look like.


Do we have any information on what kind of straps they shipped with, and will m1 units ship with the same strap?


This may be similar to the commercial release boxes too, except those would have 4-color printed exteriors, with photos, specs, etc.

They are shipped with the standard strap (no headphones, etc.), which is what the retail version is supposed to ship with. The backers will get the deluxe strap, but I don’t know if it will ship with the unit (or be delayed like the controllers and lighthouses).


@xunshu It would be great if we could get production capacity info soon too :slight_smile:
I plan to do 24h of le mans on Project cars 2 with friends on 12-13 july, it would be amazing if my Pimax was there for this event !


Yes, it would be amazing. However, it seems unlikely, but there might be a possibility, if your backer # is less than 200.


I believe Pimax had already said that the audio strap will come later, so do not expect it to come with the 8K.

@VoodooDE: indeed, if Pimax allow, it would be really great to have the opportunity to demo the M1 after the reviews have been completed - where can I subscribe to the applicants list ? :wink: Would also be nice to at such opportunity get to know some of the fellow backers in person…


I wonder how the hell vat/import duty will work on all these separated shipments. Will they carve up the value of the pledges so that you aren’t paying twice on eye tracking , deluxe strap etc.