Update 12/6/18: M1 tracking info


Uhm, no. Two.

The individual lines are all the same shipment, just different stops and status updates along the route.


Hi risa2000,

I can’t tell you anything about that.

VoodooDE (Thomas)


i really really doubt it.

this is a semi controlled test. They had to sign nda’s etc. those wouldn’t apply to random backers.


depending on how many decided to wait to get their full set together the list may be a chunk shorter than that.



if the greenlight is given lets say in a week from now, how many units are ready to be shipped out at once? <- ignore this, i was under the impression xxxx units were already built

how long does it take to complete lets say 100 units ?


Fantastic news @xunshu and the entire Pimax Team!

Thank your for your efforts and keep up the momentum, this is going to be an exciting June for Pimax and its KS backers!


Why start the production if they need a “greenlight”?


From what I understood @Hopper is asking what the production capacity is AFTER a greenlight would be given. I concur with you that producting anything BEFORE the greenlight would defeat the point of this testing phase.


What are the white stickers?


Your question makes no sense


I agree with you, it defies the purpose of testing them first… but as far as i know they already built xxxx units for shipment?


how many units are ready to be shipped


Sounds like they built 20 ish units, 8 to 10 to testers and the rest for internal or investors. They should not build more until the testing phase has been done (in a normal world). Although they could be refining them over and over still.


This is what made me very happy as well. This looks like retail packaging meaning they are ready to go if the feedback is positive.


i may have been mistaken… but yeah ill edit my question at xunshu to ask about the production speed


I imagine the Asian market is going to get a lot of testers too, we just see the western branch of the Pimax team and it’s managed by Xunshu pretty much alone and then just weekly. We aren’t their biggest market, Asia is.


Interesting remark - does anybody know if they have an e.g. Chinese language (Mandarin) forum, just like this one ? I always sort of assumed that this is the global and main/only forum, but that could be a rather ignorant expectation…


1+1=2 :wink::metal::clap: mixedvodoo in da House. Machtdatgescheitjungs!


I’m trying to get access to the Chinese version of the pimax site but they keep redirecting me to the english version. I imagine a link to the chinese forum would be there. I tried a hongkong and singapore VPN but I think it looks at my english browser or something and the server redirects me.


Lucky you, my number is 6,557 :wink: