Update 12/6/18: M1 tracking info


Can we deduce anything from this peek at the new lens? Image quality is so so but is this a fresnel lens?


This is really cool :slight_smile:
The material and design look beautiful.


The front box is dented in the left corner. The black box in the front box has also dent in left corner. I just hope it has no effect on the hardware for the tester. Well, maybe its a challenge to find out. Please send that one to me? I must find out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Of course it’s a fresnel lens.


I am also willing to do some internal quality/stability testing by myself at anytime. Pimax, just send me a PM. :grin:


it is indeed a Fresnel lens and has been since day 1.


@xunshu, firstly, Thank you for sharing the info.

It looks like the Units were shipped on the 6th of June (China Time) and using DHL. If all good all tester will receive the units next week and we will then know who they are, correct?

Would you be disclosing info such as timeframes, reported issues etc?



I know this question wasn’t directed at me and I strongly encourage @xunshu to correct me if I’m wrong, but it is my understanding as it was laid out in one of the more recent updates that once all testers had received their M1, which should realistically happen this week (there is no indication that only the two units to Germany were sent via DHL express) they would answer a set questionnaire and share their findings with Pimax via a closed form of communication. Once this stage is completed, the testers are able to share those exact fidings with the rest of us and depending on what was found, Pimax would inform all backers as to the new production timeline.




They are reporting news from this forum over there. Doesn’t seem like the chinese forum has any more info than we do. :smiley:


Thanks! Now Google Translate can show us what the Chinese really think of us… :stuck_out_tongue:


I think we are going to be blown away


based tracking screens it dosn’t look for me like those packages left building 31 of May like Pimax claimed
no suprice here :slight_smile:


On a Chinese forum Pimax giggled about that fact:
Use Google translate on below text for your own language.


“The travel route of M1 testing units: Pimax factory -> Shanghai office -> Hong Kong -> M1 Testers”

It is more than likely that shipping from Pimax’s factory to theri offices in Shanghai and then to Hong Kong has taken a few days.


I am ordering loads of stuff from china. Considering the first 8K arrived today they used the fastest shipping available.
One week to germany is pretty much as quick as it gets.



I plan to do 24h of le mans on Project cars 2 with friends on 12-13 july, it would be amazing if my Pimax was there for this event !

No chance. It will be at least mid June by the time Pimax even gets all the feedback from M1 reviewers and reviews it, then there’s probably gonna be at least one thing they will fix then have to re-test, so lets say another month before its ready for production, then theres the production line tool-up/startup/quality fix time to get to where high quality production units are even being made. Just going on what Pimax have already said: the first month they will only make 100 units and slowly ramp up production numbers every month, then there’s a 10 days or so of just shipping/getting through customs time. Even if you have a single digit backer number, its probably realistically gonna be September earliest before its in your hands.
I think Pimax said in their same update post that their full production speed would be like 500 units a month UPDATE: WEEK not month (thanks Ch4rli3_G0rd0n), which if true, and your backer number is worst case somewhere near the last, say 6000, that means your unit is only going to get made 4 months after production start, then add in shipping, which means best guess it will be in your hands mid January 2019.


i keep reading this info but what @xunshu actually wrote is:


Thanks, I knew it had a 500 in it :slight_smile: I’m very glad its per week not per month. I updated my original post but that still puts the last backer units arriving by maybe February next year.