Update 12/6/18: M1 tracking info


I am not as pessimist as you are, and here is one reason to be like me : they are selling the last pimax 4k. Then they probably won’t earn anything on backers orders. So I think it’s really important to start selling to the public, and there is no chance they will wait january to begin to earn money… (I am backer between 3500 and 3600 :slight_smile: )


if they can do 500 units a week, its 2k units a month, no backers gonna need to wait till february of next yet, they will be here before X mas


e.g. means “by example” right ? So it also could be ten times more ! :grinning:


The original statement about production was saying there was ‘no problem’ producing large quantities. Later came the 500 per week statement but I’m sure that when the reviewers are positive and Pimax notices a lot of positive interest in the market that they will upscale production to twice that or even more.

Because lets face it, if this headset makes its promises good, it’s gonna be the best headset on the market


Indeed probably start month 1 100 units/week. Month 2 200/week. Month 3 all good ramp to 500/week.

So 1200 units first 2 months followed by 2000 units/month.

My guess anway.


That’s great, i’m backer 267.:grinning:


Want to swap places?:stuck_out_tongue:


Another 200! Woohoo, backer 201 here!


So I should expect mine about 4 months after they start shipping to backers. At least I should get it by Christmas, assuming no unexpected delays. That will make it easier to wait for the 1180Ti from NVidia.


Backer 212 here :grin:


it is a CLPL (customized low persistence liquid lens) the 8k will be the 1st to demo it. it is not the standard fresnel lens we all love to hate, it will be similar in clarity to OLED from what i understand.


I think you are confusing a couple of things.

The lenses are fresnel, the screen is apparently a custom low persistence screen.


clpl is the display panel itself. not the lenses. which are afaik fresnel. from faq


Ok that’s enough redbull for you for today!


wont take long to make 10,000 units…they can easily make 1000 units per week at full capacity.

remmeber chinese have great factories in shenzhen where they make iphones…

the workers work 24/7 to meet orders… they also work hard and have good ethics.

shenzhen is about 50km from hong kong where they ship by air to usa , europea etc…


too late :smiley: need me reddys!


Getting a video of the look, a nice view of the lenses (they’re so huge!) was really exciting. A bit sad MRTV won’t be doing a public review/demo but I can understand the reasoning.


Also 2xx (8K-X) :slight_smile:

And as many others (I believe) I read the forum almost daily, but never post(ed) (just got registered).

Surely many lurkers out there who are excited that we finally got to the last stages.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet…” (I hope).


they can easily make 1000 units per week at full capacity.

and you know this how?


Pimax has said: the first weeks will produce a few hundred but in the end they will reach 500 a week (not 1000, correction).