Update 12/6/18: M1 tracking info


I figured that was likely you. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:



so what game you are going to test first ?:slight_smile:


I have my racing wheel already setup because I was playing some Project Cars 2 on the weekend. That’s what I plan to start with.


Ok, dont mind, but who the hell are you that you deserved to be a tester for the M1? You are popular or wtf?!


who the hell is even this guy?


lol, yeah now that you mention it… that guy with the glasses looks suspicious!


Lovly ! Do you like other sim-game like DCS, IL 2, ED ?


Tom’s Hardware. Kevin Carbotte.

If you read his Articles will be able to do a great range of testing. During WMR tested on several gpus, intel’s igpu & later tested with Ryzen Apus.


I had the pleasure to meet Kevin at Immersed 2017.


How rude. A quick view of his post history would answer that question.


Not just rude, dumb as well. Chances are it’s a well known expert, not some nobody, like yourself.


listen we all want an 8k, chill out fam. XD


Let’s keep things Civil. What appears rude in one culture may not in another.


Congrats! beat 7 shades of shit out of it for us. on last day please do extreme sweat test. cold room, high sweat activity games, to see how much condensation builds up inside side walls of unit near face when its in use for 2-5 hours.


The Rift has a PPI of 2456 in that article (in the headset grid with pics) It should have 461

I should be a tester of the testers (cough)


Yea, saw that too. The comparison chart seems a bit skewed


I didn’t actually create that table. I’ve never noticed that. I will get that updated asap.


Well like my posts often need fixes. Typos often occur. I am sure @Pumcy will edit the info & thank you for the catch. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


LMP1 ! and LeMans 24h - you are ready to go :slight_smile:
I Just had a look at the new Update for PC2 - but with a WMR…


For every like 2 weeks. we will have a new taster…
I wounder when they started shipping from PIMAX !!!
Or its already planed M1.M2.M3…

Counting Like ,How long it will take…sending receiving reporting results solving …etc
Back again with M2 testers.and so on …
Man it takes forever (kidding) next year if we are lucky