Update 12/6/18: M1 tracking info


What i think of it. like PIMAX send for 2 tester…wait for feedback
Solve issues inside their lap…fix …then(M2) send the fixed one to other 1/2 testers…wait for feedback…fix…send again(M3) to the next testers…and etc to the last testers if needed !!!

What do you think !!!


@xunshu, do you think other companies really sends stuff to random people to test and if they give green light then thats it? NO, you as a company should know when your product is finished and you should give the green light not other people!! That means, you don’t trust yourself enough for building an actual working product. Start act like it and end with this phase of sending other M’s to again 10 more people if it will be the case (i hope not) and do your testings in-house. Means you do not even trust your own employees.


I do not even know who came up with this stupid ideea of sending few headsets to random people to test. Thats not what a true CEO would’ve done. Again, hire more competent people to test the headset and speed up things.

Now, we’re just waisting precious time, I mean, look how much it takes to deliver some freaking headsets to 10 people. 2weeks and barely just 4 got them, so for 10, that means like 1 month of waiting? This is complete nonsense.


you are having a mental breakdown my dude. They sent the headsets to vr press / youtubers. One of them went to toms hardware. i take it you know who they are. so stop saying they sent them to ‘random people’


The pimax 8K M1 is in demo at the E3 together with Captoglove.
Also Toms Hardware is reviewing the 8K M1.
And also 4 very enthousiastic testers who put their own money on the line, are testing it

Now. Please keep your kool.


I do not care who these people are. They should’ve done the testing in-house with more competent people and give the green-light by themselves. You a company or not?!


@allocen i have deleted your pressure posts. Consider this a friendly reminder.


My dude. What they did is very good. Its also what steam does. Steam sends out hardware samples to devs and press to test. They did it with knuckles and are still doing it with knuckles. Because they want to gather information back from expert users. Same with pimax. I’m much happier that they did this than if they had not.


Meh, sorry for my rage, but come on now, why is the shipping takes so long?! This way the NDA will never be lifted anytime soon…


anytime i have gotten something from the us , in europe, its taken a solid week and a half at least even with usp. But ultimately the answer to that question, and the anger should be directed at the courier. I know its frustrating. We all want the headset. i cant freaking wait to work with in vr 3d programs, to watch movies with it, to play skyrim with it. I want to be in VR without looking through night vision goggles.

But the wheels are turning. its coming down the track. and it works.


Its okay we all lose our head at times.

Shipping often sucks. Sometimes its really quick other times its really slow even with expediting it with fast ship.

But on the other point you said. Htc did exactly what pimax is doing with the vive pro.

The great benefit to forums vs live in person. We have the option to step back & regain composure and organise our thoughts. But sometimes we will stumble & react.


If I were Pimax, I would put you at the bottom of the delivery list for posting that useless drivel. When you grow up and become the CEO then you can give other companies your uninformed advice. Grow up!! You are acting like a spoiled child.


So ranting here and acting like you’re entitled changes excatly what again ?
Oh sure they will now stop the testing and do it in house like they already did …
What a nonsense.


Cant you shut up already now? I said i am sorry, i had a thing of rage…


@allocen, every software company I have worked for (8) has had non-employees beta test our products. Customers do things that the product team never thought of doing.

Today, we got a complaint from a beta tester complaining that a task was taking too long; it turns out that he was trying to evaluate 33.23e12 optimization steps. That’s not a typo; it’s engineering notation: 33,230,000,000,000 steps. By my rough calculations, that should take ~3846 days to complete.


I see, thanks for clarification.


Hey folks. Please let it go. @allocen already apologized. We need to keep the forums positive & not ride the negativity train.

We all at times lose ourselves. No need to continue this its done & over.


Until the next time. Lost track of how many tantrums he has thrown so far,

Imagine what his mom goes through when she is late bringing his sandwich and juice box down to the basement for lunch


Hey if you look your choosing to continue. Look at the positive; it was resolved quickly.

We can all help to calm unfortunate events, instead of feeding them. Folks may need to help me from time to time & I hope they do so.


Although I have no desire to perpetuate the matter, I can’t resist for the umpteenth time reflecting on how used we’ve gotten to overnight shipping, to the point that rage over a delivery taking two days, has become extremely common. I am sure a good many of us remember when mail order always meant waiting a week or two, or three. :7