Update#31 - 2 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep (Discussion)


10 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep
Posted by Pimax 8K VR (Creator)
Hi Futurists,

The crew is back to the office! After the meetup with over 100 enthusiastic backers in Berlin, the team looks calm but still thrilled inside.

The participants of the meetup, including our lovely volunteers, are all Pimax backers. Glad to find our backers are real VR enthusiasts who are not only passionate but also knowledgeable about VR. During the meetup, people were chatting with each other like old friends about all the VR topics. The meetup cannot have been so successful without the passion and support from you!

Moreover, the M2 devices we showcased in the meetup are exactly the result of the collective power of the community, especially the M1 closed beta group. For the past three months, the testers dedicated their valuable hours every single day in testing in addition to their own very busy schedule. The efforts of the testers are all about to deliver the best possible headsets to Berlin, and to your doorstep in the near future.

For the rest of the days on September, the team will focus on production and delivery, also manage to speed up the software iterations. The Kickstarter shipping will start by the end of September.

We already have several top voted cities from the community. The time and location of the next meetup will be disclosed when confirmed.

The testers you met in Berlin, Thomas, Sebastian, and Martin, are now working on M2 review videos for all the backers.

The exact time to release M2 in-depth reviews:

9/16 4PM GMT | 9AM PDT

While you are waiting, you may check the interview with the founder Robin Weng by Mixedreality TV: https://youtu.be/13etqjaYLKU

More meetup videos on the testers’ channels:

Mixed Reality TV | https://www.youtube.com/mixedrealitytv | German/English

SweViver | https://www.youtube.com/sweviver | English

VoodooDE | https://www.youtube.com/c/VoodooDE_PCGaming | German/English

At the Berlin backer meetup, we showcased the 5K Plus demo for the first time. The differences between 5K and 5K Plus are:

Standard 5K - unveiled during Kickstarter roadshows

5K Plus - new panel, PPI improved by 9%, sharpness enhanced, unveiled at the Berlin backer meetup

Will provide both 5K and 5K Plus retail versions

Special for backers:

5K backers - your 5K upgrades to 5K Plus automatically;

8K backers - you will have the option to switch 8K to 5K Plus + accessories

Stay tuned for the tester reviews to make your decision. Before shipping your rewards, the support team will contact each of you to double check your preferences and shipping details.

Thanks for standing by us from the very beginning, we are learning from your thoughts and suggestions to make the dream come true for all of us, and yet small niche of VR enthusiasts in the world.

Best Regards,

The Pimax Team


OMG OMG OMG this is so exciting!! :tropical_drink::beer::beers::clinking_glasses::cup_with_straw::tumbler_glass:


You are now doing reposts for Pimax?


that topic is kept locked. this topic is for discussion would be my guess.


Alright, makes sense. I would suggest then adding “Discussion” into the topic title @RobCram.


I’m so excited! It’d would be great to have an idea of the current production schedule though so we could estimate our headset arrival.


Soon! :grinning::grinning:


Well, it does not look like M1 will be discussed and that leaves out more than a few testers impressions unless…

Absence of M1 takes away the overall journey of how Pimax arrived.


10 days countdown? u r not gonna make a big laola wave of threads n postings here for each day less, do ya? :grinning:

@RobCram ur now a speaker of the Pimax team? this is confusing me, guess just a copy paste action?


Looks like Pimax won’t be doing any press release about the new 5k+ and is leaving everything to the youtubers. I was hoping we’d get some official information from the team to help us decide. I just want to have enough time to decide which headset I want before they start shipping.


i’m ok with that honestly, in terms of the youtubers. i feel like people will take their opinions with a fair bit of weight , and should, in terms of their decision making.

Ideally we would all get to try both before choosing but most of us will have to give up that level of control, and if that is the case, better to have the opinions of reviewers than the company.


I also wonder if more meetups are still necessary, after 16/09. I’d say the team’s time would be much better spent working on the accessories and stretch goals than travelling.
When the reviews from the three musketeers are out, we should have a hundred times more info than we could ever get from a meetup.


Very good news indeed. I wonder if they got any feedback they took home from the meetup that could also still be utilized to improve the device further without delaying production. I look forward to the ‘formal’ reviews. I am already thinking to the future and the next iteration before this one is even come to fruition. Pimax is in a prime position to show that a little guy can still come up with a power punch to the big guys chin and capture market share from them and cause them to feel some heat. I think this headset will really make a big impact in VR with what they have achieved so far from all indications. Good times ahead.


Relax. That was the title of the KS update not mine.


As it says in the update, they will use the feedback to improve the software side of things :slight_smile:


there is no need for a press release.

All they have to do is to provide sufficient information for the backers in reasonable time before they ship first headsets. I think 2 weeks time before 1st shipping is absolutely ok, most backers will still have to wait for many weeks after that AFAIK.
That would put Pimax backer info right at the time window of the NDA deadline for the youtubers.

I think that would be better anyways. The information by PimaxVR about the 5k option could be slightly ahead or shortly after the youtubers reviews. I would do it like 3 days later, so i could see backers reactions and fine tune the swapping offer, even if it would just be the wording…


yeah, but you didn’t use quote tags, and afaik xunshu did usually start such postings for discussions. So reading such a text like originating from you that was irritating…


i would definitely agree that maybe not being in terms of necessary but in terms of benefit to cost that more backer meetings are not necessary.

This being said , they did promise them, and backers in later numbers may have many months to take advantage of them.

I, like you would put working on the headset etc above that , but where there may be some room to move is having backer showings be a benefit of other more necessary showings.

So for example when they take the headset out to be shown to some company or reviewer like tested in person. then very much like berlin meeting day 1 was private for m1 testers, day 1 of California could be private for media showcasing, and day 2-3 a backer meet. I there was that overlap of purpose then i think there would be very little drawback to it.


Perhaps. but I’d say it would be much mre interesting to instead show it off at public events like vr days amsterdam and whatnot. The backers and those following pimax will already know what they need to. But those who aren’t among those also need to learn what the 8K and 5K+ are like. Also since there would be more than some non-believers among them and such eh :slight_smile:


I think they will do so when the retail product comes out, now they are focussing on the backers first as they promised :slight_smile: