Update#31 - 2 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep (Discussion)


Please be more specific with your accusations.

Again, there you go again. Pimax denies the spanish testers their promised review and then I’m the one sabotaging things?

Same for you. I remember you as a big VR fan who liked Pimax so much that he wanted to help them out and manage their forum for free. You lately have crossed the dark side and started lying and cheating for them and covering their lies up, trying to make right what’s wrong. Why ??? Really, why would anyone do that? It’s not that you’re getting paid for it. I don’t get it …


Lenses can alter sweetspot etc as different lenses have different properties.

Ie GearVR lenses on the Vive & Vive Pro changes sweet spot & clarity. But did require adjusting the distortion profile to fit.

Now it’s hit n miss depending on the user. Some say it’s great & some disagree.

But I think this should be done as a DIY kit etc. The product needs time to be established before considering official options.


Agaun your non sense accusing ppl of lying. I don’t consider wasting my time helping here for free & I don’t think any of the users rhink I am wastimg my time.

I haven’t lied about anything. All testers will receive the m2; the timeline though is not proper.

Hmmm… The Berlin Meetup was & is positive. You have tried hard to make that a bad thing.

Now I am not going to waste any more of my time with discussing things with you.

@xunshu & the team have much to think about & not just trying to give backers the right to hear from all testers on m2 evaluations.


Haha so you’re claiming you’re not lying and then the next sentence you’re posting a lie again. The timeline is VERY well clear, the 3 musketeers can do a review the 16th and then later on the Spanish guys will get their final device (which is M2) together with the backers. This has been confirmed already yet you’re making it look like it’s not and that ‘the timeline is improper’. That’s what I mean helio. I really don’t understand why a moderator who is not getting paid would say stuff like that … I mean i’m not a saint, if you pay me enough I’d go ahead and say that too, everybody has its price (regarding unethical; illegal is something else of course) and again, I’m not claiming to be a saint. But man, for free?

And that’s a lie too. I’ve never said that the Berlin meetup was not positive. In fact, I’ve multiple times claimed the contrary and even congratulated everybody involved. I did have my reservations though and said not everybody was as positive. I’ve also said that the Pimax 8k is most likely a nice product, yet that it could be better. How you’re trying to spin all that in ‘trying hard to make it a bad thing’ is beyond me. I really don’t understand you anymore … It seems you’re trying to pin all the wrong choices by Pimax on me.


Exactly. Anyway, it is not long until all interested parties will get their HMD and would be able to do any mod they could think of. Even more so, if Pimax will make their drivers Open Source, what they are considering at the moment. It could make 8k and 5k truly enthusiast level VR sets!


He sold his pledge before his ban here and literally said he’ll be getting a starvr one so i really don’t even know what he’s doing here and what he’s trying to achieve by bashing pimax…if you’re not even getting a pimax headset, why stay here and argue all day long? kind of sad…


I’m not arguing all day long at all. When somebody like Heliosurge above makes all kinds of accusations to me personally I respond. Could also just ignore it, true, but that’s not how I am. VR interests me, and I like talking about it, probably like you’re an adult enjoying playing video games. Some might call both of that sad and a waste of time, well everybody is different I guess.


I would say thats a damn accurate description by @Heliosurge .


Because what exactly? I’ve said Berlin was a success, the 8k and 5k+ probably are fine devices (although I’ve said the 8k could be much better). And I’ve said that it’s very unfair to get somebody to work with the promise of a reward and at the end of the work deny the reward. How is that doing damage? Sure if you try to paint a reality were everything is perfect then that’s a damage to that reality. But it’s not a good depiction of reality in the first place


Nope because you manage to find and magnify the most minuscule negative things almost as if you’re trying to control the narrative . True negativity is there and you have a point but you blow things way out of proportion, and it always seems to be the negative things you do this with never the good things.


What exactly did I blow out of proportion? I do think it’s quite horrible from Pimax to deny the Spanish testers their review. You might disagree, sure, but I don’t think I’m blowing it out of proportion.


I think they are major enough to speak for themselves, if they have a problem with Pimax it is their business and not yours.
Beside that this fuss about the reviews is hilarious at best, i would have beta tested the 8K even if it would have been a secret tester group. I even asked xunshu to be on the group but at that time there were no Units left.

Should have given me the opportunity and we wouldn’t have this drama with you today.


Well that’s true, they can and did speak for themselves but that doesn’t deny me the right to stand up for them too. Look at how the whole muslim community explodes when somebody makes a cartoon about Muhammed or Allah. You think God can’t stand up for himself? People stand up for what they believe is right.


Jup, this is going fine


Yep, it‘s starting again… so let‘s turn to other threads, this one is going down…


Hey I’m just reacting to accusations started by the moderator himself. If you want to change the topic, simply talk about something else, easy as that.


Personally I give two “shits” what the Spanish testers have to say , they want their definition of a perfect headset let them build one ,no offense attended, I really care what MRTV has to say as he seems be the most Objective one of the bunch , And I also want my headset ASP.
Who wants to spend another year messing around with a headset when you know Vive and oculus has something up there sleeves for us next year .


Boahhhh people some where around 100 I couldn’t keep the reading up- all this speculation.
Just chill, take a beer or what ever and wait for the reviews- with out open availability of all these suspected facts it is not worth depating-
I trust that we will know more in a week and then it’s worth a chat or two.


I can respect that of course. Personally I don’t care about Sweviver’s review at all. To each their own. But that doesn’t change the simple fact that Pimax promised them stuff, then let them do a lot of work and then shut them up because Pimax didn’t like their opinion.


absolutely spot ON lad