Update#31 - 2 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep (Discussion)


Thats true.

That’s what i call a lucky coincidence.

No question about that but 2 wrongs don’t make a right.


The point is pimax does not think they broke the NDA. So with that being said no one has. Sure might have been borderline. But nevertheless no breach. To understand if there was a breach you would need the Agreement & a legal understanding of it to know.

Now no councidence once the private group had a breach without a drastic change. There is no way to plug the leak. In truth better security was needed; so a learning experience for next time. Of which @Neoskynet made some excellent suggestions for future projects.


No coincidence: it was a reply to the post that pulled the data from the closed beta.


After you were told off / given a warning by a moderator - I ‘liked’ a good post you made on another thread. Then I come to this thread and see and you are calling the very person who told you off a liar and making inflammatory comments … oh dear :unamused:


I don’t know all Pimax’ reasons for excluding all but 3 testers, but I can guess they have their reasons and that’s enough for me. It’s their company., maybe it’s ethically questionable but this isn’t a damn war crimes tribunal and I’m not an acting juror with all the facts so I can’t be bothered to accuse anyone. I just want my damn headset, I don’t want Pimax to go back to the drawing board (as per spanish team), that’s for sure. Whether the headset is technically flawed or not, it’s time to face the damn music. Don’t like the result? Better luck next time on your next Kickstarter or whatever you buy from facebook / htc in a year.


He attacked me, making inflammatory comments without any basis at all. If he hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have replied. And yes, he lied in several occasions for Pimax. Like that the Spanish testers would get M2 just like the 3 musketeers. And now he’s saying that the timeline isn’t clear. Well it is VERY clear, they will only get “M2” with the rest of the backers, same time.


fake news yata pl fake news.


Well most (all?) of it comes directly from the latest MRTV video


See i don’t really care, normaly all of this should be a thing between Pimax and the Spanish testers. Nothing of it should be puplic and this includes Neo’s essay. For that i don’t need to know the legal details of an NDA that’s common sense i hope.

Pimax has it’s reasons and only they know but what you called may be “borderline” still may have been part of their decision. Just to much noise if you know what i mean.


For example, the part about the 5k+ name: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YXd69eE8p0&feature=youtu.be&t=4082
The part about the games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YXd69eE8p0&feature=youtu.be&t=4574 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YXd69eE8p0&feature=youtu.be&t=4701


yeah I watched this video that’s why I said that you streching rumors… and other staff like Sebastian didnt know he gets headset after meetup or Pimax didn’t know he speak Chinese you made up, and yes I’ve been there , one of their technican was dressed in grey sweatpant but is this mean “they all” and most of guest was dressed in shorts, so ? The same guy installed porn for a private request…I this mean - “they” ? Just stop streching facts.


MRTV guess, not a fact, and Martin couple days before meetup confirmed that he talked with Xunshu and there will be more games than this simply 3


Well Pimax didn’t bring any games other than Beat Saber, the Blue and Fruit Ninja. The musketeers literally had to buy the games at the meeting. The point Sebas is making is that Pimax is just doing things without thinking them through. He had been very angry with Pimax but started to respect them more when he saw these guys were just not thinking things through instead of having bad intentions. And it does seem that’s a fair judgement from what he’s telling, could be an explanation.


nope they dont have to buy anything, i have seen sweviver steam account full of games … You really thinking nothing was agreed with him before ?


So you’re saying MRTV is making this stuff up?


I’m saying you’re & destraudo making pimax meetup look even worse than was


The point here (and the point that MRTV is making) is not at all that it was a bad meeting, on the contrary. His point was that these guys are just doing things without thinking them through. So amateurishly that it makes them almost look cute. He said for example when Pimax thought it was a great idea to show porn at the Pimax official backer meeting (!), that it “kind of makes you want to root for them”. He said that once he understood most things were not caused by bad intentions but by “not thinking things through” he changed his opinion from being angry at Pimax to kind of 'want to root for them". Or like he said: https://youtu.be/6YXd69eE8p0?t=5342


I know the MRTV point but I point some inaccuracy of destraudo words which I think it’s not fair for pimax team adding madeup stuff just for fun or attention


With StarVr One and Pimax large FOV offering and reaching the market; reactions will come from HTC, Occulus, Acer and Samsung, Google. Maybe not as big FOV, but larger FOV at competitive price.


the fact that you were by the end reduced to point out my use of they rather than saying one of them in particular is you hanging by your fingernails onto anything you can. you hadn’t watched the video at time you went off on me, and you have only flicked through it since or you would know sebastian himself said they were surprised he spoke chinese.


This inappropriate use of the third person aside, all the points were reported from berlin , or i observed directly on the forums. And as has been mentioned, as as i mentioned in the press thread, i see pimax’s showing at berlin to be a HUGE charm point for the company.

The person from htc selling you the piece of junk vive pro did so on a very shiny stage wearing very shiny shoes. The people selling the 8k are chill as fuck eating pizza , drinking beers, gave no fucks about presentation , but produced the best consumer headset that exists today, bar none. can they keep going like that forever, absolutely not. but as long as they have some to patch the holes in their pr game (please christ if there is another meetup let us organise some translators, and a decent steam library and maybe rent some 1080 ti laptops.) i think they can ride that first years of oculus sack of engineers mojo a while longer.

Make no mistake, there is an incredible underdog story here.