Update#31 - 2 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep (Discussion)


Jeez what is happening in here lately :joy: cmon guys please just he patient. Im really working my ass off every day! :heart:


you know what the crazy shit is. most of us are waiting for reviews in a week like that will be the end of the horse play on here but jesus christ that is only the opening of the ark of the covenant.
every comment in your review is going to be shredded, any difference between the three reviews will be crosses people will be crucifying each other on here with.

the greatest chapter of forum fuckery has yet to begin.

Prepare your bodies.


The usual.
Small group of ppl holding random of forum against the wish of many. To push their own agenda/vendetta.


Actually the part of Sebatian speaking Chinese is true. Sebastian revealed that prior to the meetup when @Davobkk suggested he should bring the wife to help with communication. Sebastian replied ti Davobkk that he spoke Chinese. This was a great reveal that would have come in handy during the M1 beta.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he knew at least another language on top of the 3 we know now.


Indeed they had a bunch of titles at Immersed 2017. We had tried loading Serious Sam back then on the v2 but it crashed.

They did have Fruit Ninja, The Blue, The Lab & a couple others (nothing big save the Serious Sam) at that time.


Well in truth it’s easy to presume things when one hadn’t gone. I am sure they had the Titles William was using for through the lens videos.


mrtv literally says it in the video and says its thanks to sweviver that people were able to play the games they wanted and they got them to literally buy them and install them at the event. im just going by what the guy who helped run the event said.

I feel like i have this wild tactical advantage in this thread because i listened to the entire mrtv video while working.


Exactly! Pimax has more than a few issues as a company, but they are doing something ground-breaking, and deserve kudos for what they’ve done right. They also need guidance as to how to better deal with the public, backers, and beta testers.

Constructive criticism will likely work better than arguments amongst ourselves.

Please, everyone, take a deep breath. Let’s all try to be civil. It will make the forum a much nicer place.

I am NOT saying we must restrain from criticizing Pimax’s legitimate flaws. Ideally, suggest realistic solutions for improving those flaws. I AM saying to please stop the personal attacks and to think twice before posting, especially before posting in anger.

Let’s try to get back to the original topic, otherwise, I may feel forced to lock this thread.

Thank you.


revealed to us sure, but Sebastian had this long intervierw with Pimax in October 2017, with Ru Wang also his name is Ang. . Ang is a Hokkien and Teochew romanization of the Chinese surnames Wang.
Its hard to belive for me that Pimax didnt know he speaking Chinise after long relation as a tester and all his effort in 2017 and Chinise name


We recived confirmation from Sweviver a couple day before meetup that Pimax agreed show AAA titles like Elite IL2, Asseto and so on… Seriously do you thinking that I will drive to Berlin 6 hours to see Fruit Ninja or the Blue ?


Listen. I have been trying. I mean really trying to help maintain civility on the forum while trying to accommodate and acknowledge views i disagree with.

As for pimax. they definitely have some issues as a company. but this is like saying that the jock who wins the game every sunday has a bad personality. I dont care if the jock is an asshole if he wins games. I dont care if pimax is bad at pr if they are great at the only thing i need them to be great at. making headsets. And boy oh boy it turns out they are great at making headsets.

Their pr issues can be resolved EASILY just by hiring someone like seb full time. i know he is busy but surely there is talent available that can fill that role. once they have someone to put that coat of gloss on for them in foreign territories i think they are well positioned to be massively disruptive to the industry. A dev all but said the 8k shit on the XTAL, vive pro odyssey etc.

Like tomorrow if you told me i could buy pimax stock, i would buy pimax stock.


I don’t think @neal_white_iii was specifically targeting you, but good defense anyway. Court adjourned.:innocent:


The header is a statement that doesn’t really specify a topic, leaving the usual Wild West.


Of course. @SweViver has a very extensive Steamvr library probably compared to most. He likely knows the trick of installing games onto multiple computers & loading steam in offline mode so each can computer can run without problems(games that can be played offline of course).

Another trick I use is copying a game from a steamlib folder onto an external drive & depositing it into another authorized steam computer’s steam lib folder to save time & bandwidth.


He never once said it in the closed group. If they knew & had questions about results. I am certain they would have setup a skype session to ask things. So no I don’t think they did.


Again it’s easy for folks to presume who didn’t go. But one would think folks would also put 2 & 2 together from william’s through the lens videos of titles they have.


The best thing you could do to maintain civility on this forum is stopping pushing your point view on everyone who does not agree with you. Just relax and stop posting.

If I was in Pimax’ shoes I would not thinking about hiring “Seb” for doing PR for me. I am not saying it to start discussion, just to help you understand that you confuse your opinions with facts.

You seem to be a man of many talents. You do not mind telling professional writers, how they should properly do the coverage of the events, you do not mind sharing some introspects, how very complex optical system for VR should be build, or the lenses designed, you can even help the start-ups with their PR (or at least recommend someone).

I hope it works for you in the real life, because here it is just an armchair driving without any responsibility and/or consequences, which just pollutes the threads.


I will most likely make it on time. But prepare for a LOT of information. Its getting out of hands for me now lol…

Also, follow up videos will all cover Pimax. Im quite done with my other headsets except for comparison reasons :joy:


They will need PR guys for sure. Im more the tech guy. I do stuff practically. I can talk but I prefer visual practical proof before PR and markering.

If something is not practically pleasant and functional, then I cant promote it. This is why I always wonder why ppl call me a “positive to everything guy”. Im not. But also, I dont follow others. I make my own conclusions from my own experiences.


True; it’s a broad topic. However, there are still lots of things that are excluded (like kitten videos :laughing: ), especially uncivil behavior.