Update#31 - 2 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep (Discussion)


I think you confuse pushing a point of view with having an opinion. Several times i have stated that i am happy to consider others views valid while disagreeing. Your earlier post showed a complete failure to understand this, when the point you were telling me i seemed to be missing, was my literal actual opinion that i could point to posted long before in a quote.

In terms of confusing opinions with facts, that is literally what you are doing. you couldn’t even parse the sentence you quoted correctly. i said someone like seb, and you reworked that as ‘hiring seb’. you also reworked it to me recommending someone(an imagined specific person), instead of the obvious meaning, that is to say someone bilingual.

In terms of my comments on the headset, i have never stated how lenses should be designed mechanically, because i don’t know anything about lens design. I do have a degree in industrial/product design, which gives me the ability to take an object with moving mechanical parts and simulate it in very basic ways in my head, which is where a lot of the comments i have made on the design of the headset come from, in particular in relation to ipd adjustment as it relates to potential impact on screen usage, but also concerns about stress concentration points in the hmd which again comes from the materials side of that background, though i currently work in the games industry its not like i forgot everything.

In terms of telling writers how to do coverage of events. Please, point me to where i told a writer how to cover an event. I definitely remember making a topic trying to politely ask people to tell vr press TO cover an event, that the berlin event happened, i do remember arguing that it was newsworthy (and since a bunch of articles got written about it i’m going to score that one to me). I do remember you being angry in that thread though and declaring that because it was not a public event, it was not newsworthy. So by that token if i am guilty of telling them how to do coverage of events, so are you. If i am guilty for declaring it newsworthy, you are guilty for declaring it not newsworthy.

If you don’t like my opinion in a thread, come at it with a solid argument. If it is a good argument, i will change my mind. I changed my mind on the value of the idea of shrinking the fov on the headset with an add on lens happily. What will not change my mind, (and let us be honest here, the reason for your post), is what happened in the press thread.

You asked me a question. i gave a rebuttal, at the end of which i asked a question. you gave a non rebuttal. To which i replied, ‘i will take that as a no’. And from that tiny seed your rage has been building for days up to you uncorking it here. You will be disappointed to hear it had no impact on me. I take that back it actually did have an impact on me in that it made me think saying ’ i’ll take that as a no ’ was unexpectedly provocative/ enraging, and i should probably temper the desire to say similar in future. You have to understand that from my perspective asking me to explain myself then you refusing to explain your thinking in kind was somewhat vexing.

You described me as a man of many talents, but the only talent we have hit on here are knowledge of industrial design(and that’s not even part of my working skillset today). I don’t think trying to organise people to politely ask for coverage of berlin requires a talent. I don’t think pointing out the completely obvious, that pimax needs some kind of bilingual pr staff, requires a talent. I do feel like you have shortchanged me by not listing the one talent i have shown with you above all others.

I do think you should relax. A great deal more than i need to infact. I’m not going to suggest you stop posting though.


That actually brings up 2 points i meant to ask you or another tester.

1, will you be reviewing the headset as vanilla. I know its not going to be docked a lot for this but in specific will you be reviewing it on the comfort/ergonomics of the supplied headstrap or will you be testing in one modified to use a DAS. I bring this up because while i have a DAS, i’m sure many others wont, and comfort with the default strap will be something they are interested in. Or even suggestions for a DAS alike that does not cost as much.

2 for someone who is coming from a position of not owning a vive, how much of the original vive set up is mandatory for running the 8k for hotas simulation etc. (obviously a basestation is needed , but is the linkbox required? ) and with controllers does the headset use its own linkbox, and we need the vive linkbox for controllers. i ask this because of general issues with nuber of free ports, need to buy bluetooth adaptors etc etc


@ neil. This thread lives. Its shall not closeth its undying doors.


No. 2 can be answered. While a Lighthouse would enhance a sim experience by allowing leaning. You can still play these games with reasonably good experience with rotational & look up/down.

The 8k hesdset doesnot use a linkbox controllers link to the headset in terms Steamvr controllers.

@Enopho for example is an Elite Dangerous player with the 4k. There are many 4k & BE users whom play seated games.


forgive my ignorance, as i have not used a headset other than vive, but would it kind of be like watching a video in the vive that has no positional tracking like a movie, like if i move my head left the entire view translates with my head? if so i would still like to know what the minimum would be to get positional tracking working, because for me it is impossible to imagine good vr without it, so i would def advocate that as the min set up even for sims.


wait my mobo does not have bluetooth does this mean i need to pick up an adaptor? will pimax be giving a recommendation in the same way htc / valve recommended a usb card?


If you have a smartphone. It works like a smartphone VR viewer. Essentially the built in tracking without the lighthouses functions like Mouse Look in a game.

You can look left & right & up & down.

SteamVR controllers like Vive Wands pair to the headset. Now you can buy a dongle to use them without a headset. Early Vive Dk had this I believe before the “Dongle” b3came integrated.

Now to get positional tracking to allow you to say lean left/right or say forward to read guages & such without lighthouse tracking.

There are many options. There is a manager program called Driver4vr that makes alot if these solutions work easier. Ie Psmove, Xb Kinect.

There is also things like NoloVR (expensive imho) & options like Trackir.

Here is one video for Driver4vr 360 kinect vs Xbone Kinect.


@Heliosurge is right, with the 4k playing seated games without a lighthouse is defiantly doable, in fact because of the higher resolutions and clearer screens you don’t have to lean in to read text like you do on the HTC Vive or Oculus so you really don’t miss the 6dof in seated games like ED, DCS, and all the many excellent racing games.

But if you do want the 6dof then 1 lighthouse would be fine for basic movements (lean left and right and lean forwards and back). that should be fine for seated games.

If you want room scale then you will need a min of 2 lighthouses to pick up when you turn around, or if your hands reach out to the side of your body etc.

in reality, for those of you just wanting a seated experience a lighthouse is not required, but it would enhance the experience if you had them.



What an epic thread.

I remember the day when even if you were discussing something different, you were accused of hurrying Pimax into releasing a sub optimal 8k and would be lynched for it here. ‘We want the best and don’t want to entertain others opinions’.

Now the mob rule is ‘how dare you suggest improvements, we want it now and don’t want to entertain others opinions.’

Largely the same mob in both instances?


I’m not feeling contrary. I’ve been saying to Pimax, “Take the time you need, to make a good product”. NOT a “perfect” headset, but a “good” one. Based on the backers feedback in Berlin, the headset appears to be good. That’s great news; now let me have mine as quickly as you can, but not sacrificing quality control.


I dunno, but the forum I’ve seen since the kickstarter was just endless rant about how Chinese way of doing business, how pimax has no communication, how pimax is hiding under NDA, then when m1 test info leaked, it prompt some ppl to freak out and sell their pledges, and then m2 impressions turned out to be good. same ppl grabbed their magnifying glasses trying to find issues, suggesting some tester get things for free, being a shill, being too happy, being bias. And the latest , getting testers to take legal action against pimax.

If you ask me, there are some of the saltiest butthurt ppl on earth in this forum.


I wish pimax came with its own linkbox I’ll lose half my cord length having to plug it in behind my computer since its away from my play area. I have to use extension cables with my Samsung Odyssey in order to get enough length because of this same issue.


They did say they may make one later. However you can purchase a 10m cable. Thw default one is if mem serves 5m.


I remember too, that was months ago. Let’s hope we can get our headset this year.


You really type a lot in this forum, take a break my guy ffs…


No no it just means it’ll be 3dof without the base stations. Which means you can look up down, left right, and rotate no problem. But you can’t move forward backwards or vertically. Just like watching a 360 video.


If someone makes a personal attack on you, you can decide for you whether you want to reply to it or not, and i will respect that. When someone makes a personal attack on me, i’m going to reply to it.


Damn, that Kinect looks great. I got the 360 and although it works, it was ok-ish. That Xbox-one Kinect seems like the device I need. But I also run a Leap Motion for hand tracking and together that sucks all my resources CPU-wise. So what to buy first, a CPU upgrade or Kinect? Probably both… sound of wallet crying


The sobs and whimperings get much louder, when you start pricing 2080 GPUs. :laughing:


I know but I got the 1080Ti and gonna ride that out for a while or my wallet will rise up and strangle me


The team is a group of VR enthusiasts that are trying to create VR headsets for other enthusiasts. We do not have lots of bilingual staffs, do not think it through sometimes indeed, especially when getting excited or had some beers. Please do not compare us with the giants with significant branding budget yet :slight_smile:

We will maintain the FAQ list from today:
for any question not covered in the FAQ, please poke @Pimax-Support
will update in the FAQ when the support team gets confirmed answers.