Update#31 - 2 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep (Discussion)


I’m a bit confused about this. I currently have my Vive in a separate room via 10m HDMI/USB cables. I was looking to replicate this for when my Pimax arrives and saw that it uses DP 1.4. After doing some research and asking in some forums online I was sandend to see that apparently you can’t get DP 1.4 extension cables of that length as the signal degrades too much even with a repeater.

Do you know if it’s a mistake that it’s listed as DP 1.4 or how they’re able to get this 10m cable working?


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I’m curious as well, I had lots of issues even finding a suitable DP cable that works 4k/75Hz on my monitor. After many failed attempts and sending cables back I found an at least a 3m cable that worked besides the 2m stock cable. So 10m will be quite a stunt but possible since even having tested more than 10 5m cables there may be better ones out there that I have not tried so far.


Yeah, I had read the same thing about the problems trying to extend DP 1.4. I really hope Pimax was able to already create the 10m cable and test it and that they just weren’t referring to what they “hope” to be able to offer. @xunshu?


haven’t tested 10m cable, but extension cable should work fine.


The team is a group of VR enthusiasts that are trying to create VR headsets for other enthusiasts. We do not have lots of bilingual staffs, do not think it through sometimes indeed, especially when getting excited or had some beers. Please do not compare us with the giants with significant branding budget yet.

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For reference.


Yes it would be nice for the backers that ordered the extension cable to have it delivered with the headset. My computer is in a different area from where I use my Oculus. A 3 meter extension cable would be enough though.


Are you sending the extension cables with the headset?


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

The problem is though that you can’t really buy 10m DP 1.4 cables so I was wondering how your team made one that works? Can I use DP 1.2?


we won’t, extension cable is not one of the accessories. better to get one from Amazon.
@RetrospectVR 1.4 backward compatible with DP1.2


I paid extra for the extension cable.


So will it be shipped with the headset ?


The 10m cable is not an extension. It’s a full cable. An extension cable would have to connect to the existing cable and that connector might reduce quality, making the possible length more limited.
Pimax does not sell extensions, only the full replacement 10m cable.


Oh ok so will backers that paid extra for a 10 meter cable still get it with the headset?


1 vanilla yes
2 I will cover this :slight_smile:


will ship 10m cable as soon as ready, not necessarily included in the first batch.


I will tell you about extension in my review


@xunshu While you’re online could you tell us are you producing the 5K’s and 8K’s at the same time or 8K’s first? I’m referring to the post from 31st July where you stated the team had started making ~230 M2’s. Was this all 8K’s or 115 of each?


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