Update#31 - 2 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep (Discussion)


still haven’t tested it? oh my…how long is the normal cable? and can you guys please test the 10m cable this week?


I think they mean they haven’t tested any third party extensions yet


I don’t know details on the 10m cable. But there has been some tests with extensions with favourable results. But nit sure overall length.


Was always interested to see how HeroVR worked with their claim of 100ft/m dp cable. Same maker of xtal.


Hey, as long as it doesn’t get down to “boss” or “chief” or "sparky " then it’s all in light fun I guess :wink:


6 days left. I will prepare some food and beer before the reviews will be released and I will chill on the couch watching them with the beamer on the big screen and I will have a nice evening :smiley: looking forward to see the reviews^^


You going to rebrand yourself SwePimaxer then?


SweMax (20 characters)


Or SwePi. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::cocktail: 20 annoying characters



Just needs a cartoon pimax headset & voila. :laughing:


How about Swexhu? :slight_smile:


the first batch will include both 5K+ and 8K.


I’d assume you’d need more shielding and maybe a repeater?


Can you tell us how many of each will be in the 1st batch?


will update the exact number on KS before shipping.


@xunshu Hey Xunshu,

Do you have a rough estimate for base stations and controllers? :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, not an exact date. Just something like:-

“Controllers - 2019 Q1 or Q2”
“Base stations - 2018 Q4 or 2019 Q1”

or some thing like that? I’m really excited to get a Pimax and I don’t want to buy any HTC Vive products so I’m going to wait for yours :smiley:


Controller - top priority after headset shipped. rough estimation: 2018 Q4 - demo, 2019 Q1 - developer version, 2019 Q2 - start shipping to backers as Robin mentioned in Sebastian’s interview https://youtu.be/13etqjaYLKU
Base stations - first batch estimated to be ready by 2018 Q4


What is total quantity of first batch ? Meybe you guys should ask us first what devices we choose before whole production run, probably a lot backers will change orginal pledge for 5k + and leapmontion…


Thanks! Can’t wait :smiley: