Update#31 - 2 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep (Discussion)


The production can’t wait until 16th to start. Prepared both 5K+ and 8K.


Any chance we can get an estimate for how many of each device will go in the first shipment?


It depends on production and early backers’ preferences.


Does backer #248 count as early? #AskingForAFriend #ThatFriendIsMe


248 is a nice spot, no need to rush to make a decision, and included in the early batches…


Xunshu. You might be need to start working on the production line:) I think its safe for you to produce as many as possible! You will probably need 10,000+ just for pre orders next month :slight_smile:


Already working on the production line! Besides production, don’t forget we have a very small support team, cannot handle 10,000+ customers just yet :joy:


@xunshu glad your team is working hard to get the production line up and running…I am backer #5000+ and I’m worried I won’t get my 8K before Xmas :sob:


No worries, you still get it earlier than pre-order customers.


Don’t forget the 10,000 units stock for Gearbest aswell haha :slight_smile:


and perhaps other distributors, we’ll see…


Is number 192 in the 1st batch by any chance?


depends on the preference of you and other early backers.


@xunshu how many are in production for the first early batch are we talking about here?


I just want to thank you so much !
You’re an awesome representive of your company !
Thank you for your open communication and thank you for making this all happening !
It’s gonna be a huge success, I can wait for the reviews in 3 days omfg.



My heart… I… feel… pain… ;C


The mass production moves on as planned, don’t forget the demands from business clients. We are more cautious to deliver to backers than business clients, so would rather to wait for the reviews and user preference survey to decide the exact number of the first batch.


It’s our honor to have the most supportive community here. We cannot make it happen without people believe in what we are doing.
3 days will pass fast!


Anyone else giving like to xunshus posts before even reading it?


yes twenty characters