Update#31 - 2 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep (Discussion)


Could you please clarify this.
Are you saying that you are producing units for business clients while we backers wait for reviews?
Or have I misunderstood & you haven’t set a production number until after the reviews & survey?


backers first, materials prepared, exact number for the first batch tbc.
will update the number of the first batch after reviews and survey.


Thank you for clarifying :grinning:


1 last question.
I have a backer number #594.
Will I need to give an answer to if I want 5k+ or 8k BEFORE I know how many 5k+ or 8k are available in first/second batch?
For me with this backer number, which headset is available soonest could be a big deciding factor.
It would be great if we could get a rough estimate of the first/ second batch amounts of 5k+ & 8k before the survey, to help first/second batch backers decide


both 5K+ and 8K will be prepare for the first batch.
will share the preference of super early backers with you via KS, any headset in the first batch left, the shipping schedule of the second batch…for you to make a decision together with the testers’ reviews.


Until which number is considered “super early backer”?

I’m backer 69 and I hope getting my 8K soon :blush:


And me as backer 119 :grinning:


And my axe!!! I mean backer 194.:smile:


What about me !

I am late-bird-didn’t-catch-any-worm backer No. 32XX ? Will I be in batch 7 or batch 12 ? I need to know now because then I can … do nothing at all with that information anyhow… :smile:


Dont worry, im backer number 3234 aswell… Tho i pray id receive mine in October but i know there will be no chance…


The point is that the batch quantities progressively get bigger, which means there will be lots of shipments in December, but not so many in October. Based on that, I am expecting late November or early December for mine.

It will be fun to read all the reviews and feedback from the various backers until then… the three musketeers have been knee-deep into chasing & identifying issues that it may be difficult for them to actually give us the impression the regular backer will have. It is sometimes said that some issues you cannot “un-see” when reviewing VR headsets in general, like pupil swim, and once you really concentrate on it it may be bugging you. The average backer may just unpack his unit and start to play with it, that may make them more immune to certain, hardly noticeable flaws. So I will be curious to read the average Joe reviews too when they come.


The backers a hundred and something will enter for sure in the first batch.
The problem is mine being nº 326… @xunshu??


I could have been 2000 but there was a meetup in Amsterdam which I then attended and backed after that. Now I’m number 4300~


I will get earlier my 8K the more other bakers switch to 5k+ :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, come on EVERYONE switch ur headsets to 5k+ already, I WANT TO RECEIVE MY 8K FASTER!!!


Why does everyone know what xunshu looks like?


We know her Facebook. Aint that hard to find mate…

This is her:
*link removed


Here ya go buddy


As a 5K backer I’d like to encourage everyone to ask for the 8K…


NO! Let them stick with 5k. I want my 8k faster.