Update#31 - 2 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep (Discussion)


as backer 69 you get a special version :smiley:
I’m 215, i think we dont have to wait so long.
Anyway i will not use it so much till the base stations will arrive. i really hope they will finsih them earlier and we also get them in order of the backer number


Where the hell are the mods? Why does this kid continue to get free passes when making inappropriate comments? He bad mouths the developers, members of the community and is now posting personal pictures of them and it seems like the mods encourage his behavior.


As I have been told by the mods, you should report whatever post violates the forums rules.
Just because someone “deletes” their post does not mean the mods can’t look at said post and make a determination.


Oh I have been. There is also a post from YESTERDAY that has been flagged by everybody calling her hot and talking about having a boner that IS STILL UP for everyone to see. Completely innapropriate and nothing has been done about it.


I don’t want to interrupt you but she is Member of the Pimax Facebook group you can look up her profile there it is public.
So no real harm done, if you care about your privacy don’t post pictures and personal Information all over the web.


@allocen already realized he’d gone too far and deleted his comment. So let’s just calm down. [quote=“TrevorVR, post:471, topic:8042”]
You said a “boner IS STILL UP”
Sorry, I laughed :slight_smile: Anyway, @allocen realized he’d gone too far and deleted the link, so not sure why everybody is getting so worked up.

BTW I think the only mod that can really delete posts is @Heliosurge the rest of the ‘helper mods’ can only edit.


Aint nobody closing my damn topic. Remove the mutineers not my ship.


No the link is still there in a quote and regardless this isnt his first offence.


Technically, you can call for @moderators (whoever it is), or directly for @Heliosurge. By the way, @xunshu has also (at least) mod rights, but I guess she may as well consider it not worthy her effort.


Women cant survive in this hostile environment. Even in this vivid forum as Pimax.
Sure. Xunshu is pretty, but she is more than just a pretty face. She stands between us and our HMD and the Pimax team.

For any women still lurking this forum, please try:
http://www.wivr.net/ (Real good link for entrepreneural women who want networking across the globe).

Too bad this forum cant be more inclusive.


I don’t get why my latest post was flagged, maybe everyone’s getting a bit tense here.


I assumed thats what flagging the posts was doing but adding them cant hurt.


Heliosurge is making coffee… Don’t stress he’ll be back shortly


Haha, can you get more cheese than this George? :wink:


How about we stop being offended for someone else and stay on topic. If Xunshu finds anything someone says to her on these forums offensive, she can just ban them.


It seems we’re getting close now to the point somebody starts to scream ‘ME TOO’ here :slight_smile:


I can go all the way, Sjef. Jealous? Or… are you more into VR?


Haha just thought your cheesy pick-up line was funny. Maybe try this:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Pimax is cool
Xunshu I love you


Artists rendition of xunshu coming into forum to answer questions


I agree ( EDITED: This Post changed due to being flagged. ) I’ll keep my thoughts about flaggers to myself. They are not good.