[Update Pimax Seoul Meetup] We will bring Pimax 5K+, Pimax 8K, and Pimax BE version to Seoul, so you can try the headsets yourself!


1st Dec. 11:00 - 17:00
2nd Dec. 18:00 - 22:00

29, Gonghang-daero 61-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Update 20181205
The meet up video


Hi Dallas,

I’m sorry but I have to ask is there still demand for this? Do people still need these backer meetups?
There have been many already. People that still haven’t decided for 5K+ or 8K can watch all of the videos and everything right? Is it really still needed to put Pimax time and money into all of this?


It’s kind like a adventure for those who like playing and feeling.
If some passerby don’t know the feeling of using VR headset.Let them know how it feels
If our backers haven’t feel 5K Plus,8K and BE versions(no one will buy every version)? Let our backers know how it feels
VR world is amazing and just let more people feel that.That’s why we doing these meetups


I want to go to the proposed December London one. The reviews provide more questions than answers for me, i don’t like the look of the colours on the 5k+ but I also don’t know if I’ll be affected by the problems some are reporting with the 8k, I would much rather see for myself and make an informed decision than have to make a pure guess based on someone elses experiences that we have conflicting information on.


When will be the London meetup ?


Hi. I am very interested in a London meet-up if that’s still on the card?


Its on the front page of the pimaxvr.com website, on the map, but it just says “12.2018” so December, but not a day or location yet.


Why closed backer meet-ups and not open for everyone to promote Pimax???


Good question …


I do agree they should have a closed day or 2 (if a 3 day meet) 2 closed just for backers & a public open day.

Why closed days? To ensure backers get a chance vs competing with the public.


Close day is a good idea,but we don’t even sure how many backers will join the offline meetup.We will optimize the meetup plan by collecting the feedback. We still need feedback from meetup to help us doing this plan


wait and see the date in Europe.ty


any news already on Korean forums? Don’t know whether we have Koreans here in the forum but since I already got surprised about some talented multi language skilled guys maybe someone mind to translate if there is anything out there.


We do have @park. I know @George is very talented.



awesome!!! thanks a lot.

so basically the downsides of the 5kBE Oled are:
-85Hz (in between 8k and 5k+), could live with that
-too bright, Pimax seems to implement a software brightness switch in the very future though, guess it will be for all devices
-colors may appear exaggerated, since Pimax have claimed that the 5k+ are not color calibrated yet, it’s safe to assume that there will be color calibration for the BE as well. At least it is much easier to drive back on colors than the other way round.
-high price, well yes but as a backer still in range for 100$ more.

Have not read anything about the “big feared” ghosting/smearing issues and a difference in SDE between the 2 5k models. edit: seemed solved “afterimage-problem”, no more ghosting :slight_smile:
If you have the chance pls check on that well. On the other hand, it actually sounds promising that those 2 factors were not worth mentioning for now.

So the BE is definitely not opted out for me, let’s see if we get more opinions by ppl that have tried it. Again, thanks for writing all that stuff down.


We update the Seoul Meet up video~~~backers


@Dallas.Hao Where can I find the Video?


Any chance to gather some more experience from the meetup? Not sure how many ppl use forums.