[Update Pimax Seoul Meetup] We will bring Pimax 5K+, Pimax 8K, and Pimax BE version to Seoul, so you can try the headsets yourself!


any chance to translate the BE related parts of the video if you find the time?
I tried to use voice recognition translate software but it turned out jibberish and since there is
no transcript google translator couldn’t do its job either :slight_smile:


Hi Dallas,

Do you have any info on when 5K+BE will be available to reviewers? Many people anxious to make a decision on survey.



we still produce BE version. so we will also send 5K BE recently as well.Don’t worry about this if you choose 5K BE


Thanks for the fast reply Dallas.

I’m currently deciding between 5k+ and 5k+BE. I don’t think I know enough about performance on BE at the moment. I don’t want to choose BE, find out it is not as good as hoped only to find out that I should have stuck to 5K+.

What is your BE delivery timeline? Just wondering how long I should delay completing my survey. I am in 5000s for backer number.


the email we send for confirm the information.But our ship sequence still based on the backer number.the email just for preparation.But it will take so long


So if I understand you correctly… I can fill out survey now so you have my details, but I can change my mind on the headset I want later on?


Can we still change the headset after answering the survey ?


Yes exactly,Please contact support via email
There are so many survey issues and please contact support@pimaxvr.com and she will confirm your information .


I think those tests are just pointless if the right settings are not applied.
Like Pitool rendering and SteamVR Supersampling.