[Update] Selling my 8K "X" pledge, received 8K loaner unit, UK or EU preferred


The project is anything but rushed. Maybe it’s a pity they didn’t have the Kickstarter in Sept of this year so they could release in November of 2019, but I don’t think so. We all knew coming into this project that it was an in-between step of the big VR generations, they didn’t even want to make an 8KX originally. So say what you will about the technology not being there, or the design not being optimal for you preference, but you can’t blame that on the project being rushed.


I agree that the project was not rushed. However originally the 8K was planned to be the 8KX. It was only days before the release of the Kickstarter campaign, when the news about the necessity of upscaling surfaced. The problem was, that no DP to MIPI bridge with DSC support was available.


Oh interesting, I wasn’t following Pimax back then. From what I heard they only created the 8KX because of pressure from backers, I didn’t realize that was also their original planned design.


I got several PMs interested in buying, I will reply in details next week.
(I have a paper deadline upcoming in few days).
Sorry about that.


@tcboy I’m an 8KX backer. I’d be interested to know what price you sell for, if you do.


Pressure from backers who wanted the quality implied by 4K panels, yes. Pimax had only produced the also upscaled “4K” model and still aren’t very good at communicating what they’re offering or working on.


Hi, thread starter here.
By the way, I am backer number 6X.
Due to the email Pimax sent me and urge for a quick response to them (or else they will postpone my kit to next batch), I had to quickly reply to them. I think dealing with any buyers during this stage would be difficult, as I am not sure how to safely transfer my pledge to the buyer.
So for now, I will receive it first and might sell it later if anyone still interested, I can send to anywhere in UK.


I received my 8K in Scotland, UK, not open yet.
Anyone interested in buying?


Put it up for bids on ebay, you’ll get a good price since it’s probably the first 8k on ebay (physicial device instead of pledge)


actually my pledge is 8KX and I am getting the 8K loaner now


I’ve actually considered the idea of buying it. If I don’t I’ll never know how much of the hype created by @sweviver is true and how much is not :wink: But I guess you want a steep price? It’s probably better for you to put it up on ebay, I think you’ll get more there than here.


You should go for it, @sjefdeklerk


Kinda lazy to put on Ebay.
I am also rather busy with my work recently which is why I didn’t open the Pimax yet.
Also Ebay has high fees, and I prefer to sell in UK only for convenience of shipping.


Another problem is, my buyer should ship the 8K loaner unit back to Pimax later in order to get the 8KX when it is released.
(I will change to address so Pimax will ship 8KX directly to you.)


In the name of science sell it to @sjefdeklerk

Just don’t use EMS shipping haha


I actually Live in UK/Scotland, but only want 5K+, why did you choose 8K as loaner when everyone says 5K+ is better?


I was busy with my work I didn’t have time to watch the 3 hours review, LOL.
Also I don’t play much games (less on VR game), my Oculus was basically collecting dust for 2 years now.

Initially I just wanted to watch some movies, so 8K seems a better choice.
But I reckon I don’t have time so it is better to sell it.


hmmm, okay, would have bought it if it was the 5K+ as no way I’m putting up with 8K for 9 months (complete guess) until the X comes out.

good luck with sale.


LOL. I’ve bidden $900 but haven’t gotten a response from him. But I’m already regretting it anyway and revoking my bid, I’m sure I’d only be frustrated by the 8k. Would be fun to test it but I highly doubt I’d be really using it, so it was a stupid idea. I wish StarVR would make some progress but these guys are even worse than Pimax it seems. “Soon” means an eternity there too. Sigh.


As an 8K-X full package backer I am waiting for the update Pimax promised us on 8K-X this month. So I’d sit tight and see what they say before selling your pledge.

Pimax may scrap the entire 8K-X project and refund backers (with the option of swapping to 5K+/8K hopefully) or they may please us and finally post on the estimated timescale of product delivery, e.g. we get our headsets by Q4 2019 or a similar date due to part ABC needing to be released first of all.

Personally I hope 8K-X does make it to limited production within the next 6 months or so, but on the understanding we all understand 2019 GPU’s can’t run games on 8K-X, and when we have it finally sent to us, the headset will be for native 4K movie use - until more powerful GPU’s emerge in 2020.

If that happened, no one could legitimately slag off Pimax online as ‘failing’ 8K-X backers (e.g. websites or bloggers with an anti-Pimax agenda), including 8K-X backers (if some turn out to be people working for the competition!).

It would be nice to see all the headsets shipped and backers happy, as then Pimax can then end the whole Kickstarter project on a positive note, and focus on their online store.