Update: Single Lighthouse tracking


There aren’t many conclusions that can be drawn from this video. All it proves really is that you can turn around without the headset cutting off. Like the Pimax 4K controller video, they used Beat Sabre, a standing 360 game with limited movement and no need for moving around. I’d be way more impressed if they used a game that required standing, crouching, walking around etc when facing away from the tracker. Until then, massive pinch of salt required.

The same is true of the 4K controller system. They should use a better game as a demo. I could set up a crappy Leap + 4K demo that would look as impressive same as this.


When I use riftcat + nolovr

If user not use the marker on the headset for orientation and use the phone sensor instead, it can do 360 degrees without gray display.

Problem is it can’t track position moving and postion of controllers if body block them, but controller still can be rotate by gyro sensor.

@xunshu from last video, I am not sure that the controller still can be moved and tracked by the base station or not? Player move their controller so fast and I am not sure about position movement.


What I take from this bit of news:

  1. Tracking of the 8K M1 appears to be rock solid (which was a major concern for me since CES 2018)
  2. Pimax have a VivePro :smiley:
  3. Given the laws of physics and the LOS requirement of ANY optical tracking system, I assume PiPlay is a driver solution that a) uses the extended width of the HMD itself to improve LOS when facing away from the lighthouse (would logically entail some sensors on the most outward facing portion of the HMD) and b) allows for a reduced polling rate when LOS is interrupted i.e. the built-in gyros and accelerometers inform on rotation and position and SteamVR doesn’t immediately blnak to grey. This would also mean that 6DoF would be very difficult with just one lighthouse and that after an extended period of lack of LOS there would be considerable drift until LOS is re-established. Using sensors in the back of a somewhat rigid headstrap could alleviate this, similarily to the Rift’s LEDs on their cranium cradle.

Overall I think it’s great news even though I’m not planning on using less than 2 basestations, more likely around 4 once I can get a hold of some 2.0 basestations.


I still don’t see the benefit of 2.0. They can be produced cheaper, so that’s cool but then if you only use it at home and not trying to connect more lighthouses to span your whole house, the 1.0 lighthouses are fine too, right?


Each laser carries its own identification, so you know where it comes from, I guess it will be easier to ignore reflections. Has the M1 been tested in rooms with reflective surfaces?


Absolutely. There are some reports of reduced jitter which would technically make sense due to the increased polling rate. All of this is a function of the tracking volume. With a volume of up to 5x5m I don’t think it would make much sense to use 2.0

My wife and I just bought an apartement though and are in the process of rebuilding it. And that allows me to set up a pretty large playspace of around 30m^2. At this point increased jitter IS noticable, as is occlusion with 2 lighthouses. But as of right now the only 2.0 basestations available appear to be shipping with the VivePro bundle.


no no, i mean with this one base station system.


Here’s a thought…

What if, the headest itself was fitted with three or four IR emitters, so that when the controllers can no longer ‘see’ the single lighthouse, they could work out their position relative to the headset, and then the PiPlay software could calculate their position in space by combining the two data sets?

Maybe a potential upgrade for the next-gen Pimax HMD.


An advantage to having a few sensors popping out of the side of your hammer head hmd perhaps ? I love it! I already have two base stations but it is nice to know if one goes down the pimax may not be out of commission.


Is it possible to track controllers that are blocked by your own body with just 1 base station?
I don’t think there is much advantage of the technology, if controllers don’t track properly anymore.
Otherwise, it would be great, of course.


I think it’s great that they try to implement the scoring 360 degrees with a single lighthouse.

but for the sponsors in the kickstarter campaign the delivery of 2 headlights was promised.

I hope to receive both headlights regardless of whether the scratching is achieved with a single headlight.

because with 2 will always be extended the meters that can be scraped.

and another question…
Why are the same hand controls used at the beginning of the campaign still being used today?

what happens with the new designed controls, the tests have started, they are functional … etc …
some video of them would be great.
Thank you!


Di anyone ever say anywhere in the universe that they were now only going to send 1 lighthouse, this response really proves my earlier statement.


100 percent. anyone who paid for 2 lighthouses is getting 2 lighthouses. It takes a lot of restraint to stop my eye rolling up and out the back of my head sometimes.


I don’t understand the advantage of this versus inside-out tracking, which is already available for WindowsMixedReality.
Also, who requested this feature? There is still tons of work to be done on other stuff… like 90hz, custom controllers, eye-tracking and hand-tracking…

Also, why not use a tech like the one from Google Tango for perfect positioning?


Generally higher quality tracking, no loss of tracking behind your back, no tracking issues in dark environments.

It surely is okay for a casual gamer, but it is not (yet) at the same level.

Just ask the Onward & Pavlov community if they feel that WMR inside-out tracking is at the same level as the outside-in solutions are.

The question is, what you value higher - ease of setup & no limits in terms of space (though currently meaningless due to the cable), or precision of tracking. That should be the base of your choice.


Bright sunlight room will affect vive as well. Too much infra red light. A tech offered that when we had trouble at Immersed Event. We moved the banner display to block the large window near by.


Good for sims for sure. Maybe even Bridge Crew


That’s what I wonder, in hard conditions how much worse will the Pimax sensors work


Yes once v1 lighthouses are setup in a fixed setup they are decent.

V2 benefits.

  • light houses don’t need to see one another or use linkcable.
  • cheaper to mfg & less componets to fail
  • supports more lighthouses than v1
  • easier to setup on the go


They will have the same issues as any steam tracking headset. The sensors read infra red laser beams & the sun has a lot of infra red light. So a curtain will be needed for large windows.