Update: Single Lighthouse tracking


V2’s are pretty good, I’ve had quite good results so far. However there are still some glitches every now and then. Setup was a breeze indeed, just plugin the lighthouse’s power cable and thats it.


Well, like pointed out in this thread, headset tracking is only half of the equation, 360 controller tracking is just as important and that’s just not really possible with 1 basestation. I’d rather have Pimax invest their time and energy into the HMD itself than into a solution that can never become something really wonderful.

Pimax always seemed to have problems positioning themselves in the market. If they just had made a clear choice for quality over price they would never have even looked into this ‘poor man’s tracking’ solution that comes at the price of not being very high quality.


To be honest I will love better to have two lighthouse base than it depends on just one base which could lose positional tracking.
Software compensation is based on guessing and some calculations. More guessing more unprecise positioning in VR.

This could be practically just usable in Flight and driving simulations what is good but they do not depend that much on full room experience anyway.


One base station is specificed in description since the beginning of kickstarter campaign, no anyone request it. Pimax only do their promise.

“Supports single lighthouse for 360-degree positional tracking”.

I think only one advantage of this function is the inside-out tracking module has more expensive cost.


Not sure what your pledge states, but mine says I get two base stations.


Every one who back the full set will get 2 base station, one base station is a feature for marketing.


no you can’t

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Pimax is really doing well with these developments. Congrats Pimax team.


Just think of it 1 lighthouse plus hand tracking. (No controllers)


You could also add lighthouses at a cost of 75/1.


Which is exactly what I did. I only plan to play seated games, so I don’t need the controllers either.


I try to see the blue seber at the time 1.27 for a lot times, it still can be moved although the controller is blocked by body.

But still can not confirm about this because may pimax use the same technique like the WMR controllers, when the controllers are blocked (in WMR, controller will be out of camera), software will calculate the direction and speed to find the last position and move the controller to the target automatically. When we move the controllers to the side, it will not use jumping from old position to new position immediatly, but they will move from old position to new position by initial speed .

In programming, you can use each position to specific the controllers position or you can move from one position to the next position by adjust the speed of movement.

Problem of this technique is controllers can’t be moved when we move up and down while the controllers are blocked by body or slow movement.


We can’t add stuff to the order at this stage though right?


Correct. I should have added that to my post for clarity. That was during the kickstarter. The 360 tracking for sims would be an ideal cost effective solution.


My small imho: Pimax spending their time not to really important thing. Can’t believe they haven’t another things which demand their time and effort. Better to spend resources to polish HMD itself, basic things. There are serious time limits. We want headset asap but we need perfect quality.

And if be honest, the whole idea about 360 tracking with 1 base station is faulty in my opinion. It can work sometimes or most of the time, but I’m absolutely sure that it will have problems lags etc. They giving people hopes but people will be disappointed. And I don’t see any problems to use 2 stations instead of one. So big money? Really? But with 2 stations we have guaranteed high quality tracking.


Truth we don’t know how much polish is complete on the hmd. Testing tracking is part if the polish whether 1 bs or 2 or more. Being an advertised feature it needs to be explored if the plan is to have it advertised in the consumer release.

We just need to be patient & await the test results instead of instill what we think should be the priority. We invested in their abilities & not direct control over the process.


I noticed the right controller losing tracking multiple times, but it recovered in a reasonable short time.

Maybe the problem will not happen using the Pimax specific controllers with the motion sensors placed all around their ring, that are clearly better suited for 360’ tracking…


Does this mean that Razer Hydra support will be better than ever on the 8K ?
I own that pretty little controller set, and since it has a single tracking station, it seems that this applies to it.


This though is lighthouse tracking.

Now there was a neat YouTube video where a fellow strapped the hydra base on as a belt buckle while also using a kinect. Lol

I have 1 as well.