Updated 8K review, with an emphasis on Elite Dangerous



Not really from the 4k forum… i own a 4k, but offer help anywhere on the forums.

I have a very technical background and many years of VR gaming experience.


oh nice good to know, i wasn’t really active till the whole 8k adventure started


The primary reason for the difference (for the res struggle) is likely to be that VR Ultra includes 1.25x SS. I’ve had better results turning off in-game SS and relying on PiTool and SteamVR to set the SS.


i agree, i was noticing low res textures popping in the when fps drops when using the in game VR Ultra templates.

i have also noticed it in the VR High template also… so using the normal ULTRA/HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW templates do not have the low res poping textures when the fps struggles.


I’ve greatly reduced the color fringing on the 8K (it’s not a problem on the 5K+, due to full RGB sub-pixels) by tweaking the ED per-app super-sampling in SteamVR. I’ve set the video SS to manual at 20% and the ED app SS to 66%, for a per-eye resolution of 3220x2836.

In space, my framerate is maxed out (to 72 fps) and in stations, it’s 40-45 fps (which is fine).


Did you manage to have a look for the shadows next to starts ?


Yes, I did. Both eyes saw the same shade of dark gray. I think this may be a difference in “viewing angles” between the 2 panel types. (At this oblique angle, perhaps the 8K screens still have good color accuracy, while the 5K+ screens do not.)

However, I did notice something interesting that I had not noticed before: At the very limit of my vision looking to 1 side, I noticed double images which did not line up. After some investigation, I feel this is due to an automatic response to try to bring the image into focus. When I tried to keep my eyes focused as-is, I moved my gaze toward the center of my field of vision; I was cross-eyed and saw double images (while looking forward).

Visual accommodation is a learned response and it has been established that VR “breaks” this, because the focal length in VR is always the same, even thought image convergence varies (which is how you see depth in VR).

I wonder if this is why some people have much more difficulty using the Pimax angled headset than other VR headsets.


What ship did you test it in, only its dose not show up as bad when flying the corvette but in the dimond back explorer its bad, I also get double images some times depending on what direction the light is coming from in asteroid belts while mining.

Edit, P.S, what setting did you have shadows set to ?


I was in my AspX, which has the panoramic Lakon cockpit windows. There was a lot of black space to look at.

Shadows were set on High. My full ED settings are listed in my “review” post above (at the end)… Updated 8K review, with an emphasis on Elite Dangerous