[Updated, ARRIVED]Backer#672 here but still no tracking number



Backer 646 here, got shipping confirmation on the 24th and headset was sent out from UK to Switzerland on the 21st.


Pimax has a tracking number for the first courier (from production warehouse to e.g. UK warehouse) which they have now stopped issuing due to a lack of clarity and the resulting confusion AFAIK, and then the second courier will have a code which is issued to you when leaving the second warehouse. I imagine the customs bit happens before it gets to the second courier.


you are lucky !..


I assume you are receiving an 8k?
Because thats the reason i think alot of people feel cheated XD

Failing to understand that 8ks and 5k+s are not sent in perfect order.


Yup, even a small shipment of 8ks are gonna hit fairly high backer numbers because there’s so few of us.


No 5k+ is on the way. Its in mulhouse france right know so should arrive tomorrow.

But honestly, I would rather wait another month or two. That thing will have hardware QC issues for sure…


tu vas clairement l’avoir avant moi, toujours aucune nouvelle, je suis tellement dégouté… :’(


It seems like the delivery of headset before receiving a tracking number is the norm for pimax backer delivery. There is some serious lack of communication between pimax and the shipping company.

I guess this would be somewhat ok for backer headset. But if it is kept this way for retail headset it would really damage the pimax image. @Dallas.Hao

I also called DHL and they can’t find any shipment to my post code. So it seems my headset is still stuck at the somewhere in the HK warehouse.


you are totally right, my friends asked me about pimax, I said them to not order for the moment, cause shipping communication is total bullshit, I called DHL too and no trace of a shipping for my zipcode either.
Pimax are already damaging their image. People know it is a great headset but now are cold feet to order one due to bad communication + poor shipping
Plus I don’t even want to think about a problem with the headset, consumers have the feeling it will have 0 warranty on it !!


Mine did not arrive yesterday :frowning:

First, DPD UK, then Chronopost FR, then TD express sarl, now DPD Swiss… they simply choosen the cheapest shipping method possible.


Backer just little over 1’000 from Switzerland too, and still no tracking number. Should I be worried? Survey answerd (5k+) 28. November 2018…

Btw: Happy new year everyone :wink:


Last Canadian backer received headset is #512 on Dec 20. I’m 160 backers later. Should be at most 2 batches apart. So headsets are sent out at most 1 week apart. I should have received at least tracking number by now. Today is Dec 31. Last day of the year!


backer 646 got it today after 10 day shipping and 6 days after tracking info! no lightbleed, so far no visible dead pixels. its much nicer built than I thought.


Which country?



Tks for supporting Pimax, enjoy it.





don’t worry about it, your headset should be on the way, please be patient:grinning:


Backer #795 from Toronto Canada. i am still waiting for my tracking number since receiving email conformation on Nov 21, 2018 . @Dallas.Hao


We will send individual tracking number after oversea warehouse start second round delivery.


Thanks for the quick reply. But i thought shipments to Canada was coming straight from Hong Kong because its a lot faster to ship from there. I guess pimax changed their shipping method. are you using an american warehouse to ship to Canada now? @Dallas.Hao