[Updated, ARRIVED]Backer#672 here but still no tracking number



The closest Canadian backer from the track sheet is 657. I’m watching closely when he will receive his headset. Mine should be very close to his.


Are you going to be at the Toronto meetup?


Not likely. I’m vancouver based.


@Sean.Huang Could you help me check if my headset has arrived at warehouse and when will it be sent out? I was told my headset will definitely be delivered to me before my Shanghai trip that’s why I decided not to pick it up in Shanghai in person. But now my trip is over but still not even a tracking number. Thanks!


It takes overseas warehouse 2 1/2 months to start 2 round getting a little silly.


@Heliosurge @Dallas.Hao I just got my tracking last night my 8k will be here Monday thank you Heliosurge what do I need to do to get added to the early backer thing and get a title on my name? @V.Anaconda I hope you will get your email soon. Also Helio and Dallas thanks for the help.


you are a lucky man, for me still nothing here, maybe mine felt in the sea during the shipment to the warehouse…


You are already in early backers group, Good to hear that


Ok thanks but what is the early backer group and how do I log in?


Today is Jan 4, 2019
Last 5K+ arrived: Jan 4, 2019 Backer#:965 from UK

Still no tracking # but got a standard

“Thanks for your response. We will ship the 5K+ headset to you asap and send you the tracking number via e-mail by then. Please be advised.
Have a nice day!”

from pimax


@Matthew.Xu @Dallas.Hao I saw in the other post backer#383 contacted DPD to get his tracking number so I tried the same thing with DHL (which should be the courier for Canada?) But nothing.


i thought shipments to Canada was coming straight from Hong Kong because its a lot faster to ship from there. I guess pimax changed their shipping method. are you using an american warehouse to ship to Canada now? @Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu


I have update your latest information for you.Please check the private message for details


Already replied! Thanks for the fast reply!


I am too from Switzerland.I backed 4 headsets, lowest pledge number 110x. answered the survey on 27.11.18. As no information on shipping I asked for status of the shipping at the end of the last week. Contacted pimax support, they wanted to check.Today I got a reply and my tracking number to check on https://www.17track.net/en. Logistics company is “DPD EUR”.
Should arrive soon!
But they didn’t told me (and I don’t think it was on purpose) what batch was my headset sent with.


Received my tracking number today. Should arrive Thursday. Looking forward for it. =)


There was a parcel waiting for me this eavening at home :heart_eyes: . YES, it’s here :+1:


If any early backer is still waiting for his headset: mail to pimaxusa@pimax.com
Kevin will take care personally.

https://youtu.be/amdn7Mc9fAQ?t=610 (watch 10:10)


That tracking is interesting to me.
1st tracking says stoke
I’m from Stoke , I wonder where the warehouse is? Hmmm?


Getting some “ideas”? :wink: beware of the dogs and security guards! :smile: