Updating software?


I currently have version When I check for updates, I am informed that there is a new version available Every attempt to download fails :frowning:
On the site the last release shows 2.0.7 on 08/01/2018.
Can you please advise what is wrong?


Recommend waiting on next v3 release. Current reports increased ghosting.


Many thx for reply, will wait (any idea when?) headset works fine atm, but latest driver is usually better :slight_smile:



You are talking about the latest beta driver, not the latest stable driver which is the one your on now.

Like @Heliosurge said… Best wait for the next stable release. The 3.x drivers have a nice ui. But have increased ghosting on everything including YouTube video.



Hi, No problem, I can wait :slight_smile:
Only issue, I was not aware that it was a ‘Beta’, would wait for stable release anyway…it is just that the Pimax software suggested the new release without stating this :expressionless:



Oww i have that version. Ghosting is killing me. Get my pimax 4r recently, set up piplay Start skyrim… almost sold pimax ). It is realy nauseatingly. That ghosting. Can i delete version? Can you give me no ghosting piplay link?


There isn’t a no ghosting version for the 4k. However the previous version is better. I found in Ethan Carter use a blend of controller & head movement works well to reduce ghosting as at present its head rotation tgat ghosting is present.


This is so strange, because when I turn with the controller in Skyrim and hold the head motionless there is no ghosting. Or almost non of it. But when i am turn my head its like i was hit in the head and received a severe concussion. What version of piplay i must use? Can you give me direct link? Will it work correctly with my helmet firmware?


I will need to look for a link but the prevoous version is something like 2.0.7.

Ghosting is caused by head movement latency. There are some ideas on fixing it to some degree but the team has been heavily focused on the kickstarter 8k release. Can’t say it will or can be completely eliminated but should be able to improve it.

The previous piplays will work with current firmware.

Here is a link


Well thats better thank you!


ok…when all promises will be kept? The april update isn’t out still…If no more updates coming cause the 8k is out, better all people will know it no? I bet a lot of us are waiting and waiting so much the update about ghosting and ipd with colors match settings…but if nothing else can be done, better let us know please. A lot of times I’m checking the forum with the hope to have some good news about it but I see only toons of 8k posts.
I’m happy about Pimax 4K cause I play Elite Dangerous the most, but if it’s done with updates better we know it.
Thank you


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I agree brother. It’s hard to even have hope for something as innovative as the 8k if this is how they set their track record with their products. The 4k still feels very much like a beta. Sure a year later the software has improved in terms of system compatibility and general ease of use, however the key issues like ghosting and positional tracking still have yet to be officially addressed. They’re crazy if they think I’m putting up any more bucks for a device from a company fails to refine it’s product for it’s entire 2 year life cycle. I’m positive the engineers went the wrong direction choosing to develop the 8k while the 4k remains issue ridden. Had they perfected the 4k like they owe us it would have yielded more loyal customers and better yet a more experienced team to develop the 8k.


Positional tracking for the current 4k has to be external. Of which there are many options; I am curious though about the blue wands they showed on youtube on when we will hear about those.

But yes the current 4k needs time put back into it with some of the possible solutions for ghosting like @crony suggestion of over driving the display like Oculus go & ATW as suggested by another user.

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Well said Vort3k. What I wanted to say, in the end, it’s we aren’t donkeys telling us there are carrots over our heads. If software can’t fix what hardware is missing better to know it now so we can just take a look elsewhere if not satsfied. It’s a pity cause “the 4k” with some fixes it’s a really good one HMD.


Well only having 2 products is hard to judge by. I have been here a long time. I do agree the 4k should have some of the fixes and we the Community have even suggested possible fixes to ghosting. As for positional tracking? Well we suggested Nolo & pimax made it happen; though we all found out Nolo made Lemons.

Hopefully once the 8k headsets launch this small team can get back to trying out the possible solutions described.


I do understand that pimax is a small team. However no matter how big or small you are as a company it behooves you to try and deliver the best experience possible with your initial product. Good first impressions go a long long way. Bad first impressions usually prevent people from doing future business. That’s exactly how most folks that own a 4k are feeling about the 8k. At this point I think a lot of us 4k owners are beginning to feel ignored. Yes I also understand the team tried with nolo, but we should not have been the lab rats! I fear the backers of the 8k are their next generation of lab rats. To that I say no thanks.


Tell that to a company as big as Microsoft, remember Vista… Or windows 8 1st release, it’s not a matter of releasing crap software but are they able to fix it.

The 4k has its flaws. Yes… It’s been out for a while and the latest piplay version has taken over a year to fine tune to this degree… And yes it’s far from perfect. But there has been improvements along the way.

With Vista… Microsoft sold it… Everyone hated it did they patch it… Not much… They decided to release a new version… Eventually!

In reality, the only issues I see for the 4k and what I would like to see is

. Ghosting improvements
. Brightness/contrast/gamma improvements
. Installation improvements/ version management to roll back if needed
. Better debug so we can diagnose issues ourselves
. For some (not me) some drifting issues



Nolo was tried at the community’s request as Nolo looked good until it was released. Now it has been seen on youtube Pimax showing some kind of blue lit wand controllers with a head marker. Hopefully they tell us something soon about it.

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Sorry but Vista is an O.S and it’s different. U can buy Vista and get free update to Windows 7…(that old days)
With the Pimax HMD I spent 400 euro and I can’t get a new one with everything fixed for free, and it’s bad to see leaving it incomplete cause a new one is coming out. I hope too in some new improvements, maybe.


Win Vista stuck around for a long time before the Apology Win7 was released(Vista didn’t support Durect Audio or OpenGL). So yes it’s worst being an OS that sells for $300 plus for a non OEM buy.

Win 2000 had a similar launch issue & why Windiws XP was made to fix blunders. Now many ppl think Windows is free because it came with their PC; no it’s in the price you paid (oem version is considerably cheaper than Retail version).

The Software can still be tweaked for the 4k & the updates are free.