[URGENT] Replacement cable



Hey folks
Pimax 5K+ headset has been acting up over the last week. After hours of diagnostics - new USB drivers, replacement bluetooth drivers etc - seems the box bit on the cable may be faulty now. It’s where the power cord plugs into the DP/USB cables come out of.
How can I get a replacement? I want to continue to enjoy my headset :frowning:


Go to this link. Since it looks like you’re in the US, you should use the “North American Support Center” contact info…


The official links are at the top of the www.pimaxvr.com main page.


Yep assuming there still on page. A simple request via Ticket should get a cable sent.


Thanks chaps. I was so glad to figure it out lol


I needed a replacement cabe and was able to get one after complaining long enough. :wink: good luck.


Uh oh… I hope I don’t have to wait for ages. I dont get time on VR that often now due to travel


You shouldn’t have to wait too long. There’s a USA Pimax office and they will probably ship your replacement cable from there.


Indeed the Pimax USA office came back to me first thing this morning. I did ping at the weekend haha so that’s fair. I want my 5K+ goodness back for Elite. It’s not the same playing on my desktop screen :frowning:


I don’t think I’ve played Elite D on my flat screen, since I got my 8K. VR is so much better.


Kim from Pimax USA came back straight away and has shipped me a replacement cable. I am confident that the cable is the issue. Hopefully :wink:

And yeah I can’t do without VR