Using Pimax 4k as a monitor


I am hoping to use my new Pimax 4k to watch movies and play NON VR games on my upcoming deployment. I downloaded the latest PiPlay and can use video mode to watch movies, but when I try and use it as a duplicate or second monitor it looks like the very middle of the screen is missing and there is a some overlap too. Does anyone know how get the 4k to work like a monitor?

Any help is greatly appreciated as being able to play total war in the rack would be amazing!

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Hi, usually we recommend users to use Virtual Desktop or BigScreen (from Steam platform) with SteamVR in Pimax mode to play non-vr games.

You may also use VORPX or TRIDEF 3D to play non-vr games in video mode.


Thank you I will try that right away.


is it possible to add ipd adjustment to the video mode
i have tried vorpx, and i feel although this solves the problem in some games, improvement on the video mode will remove the reliance on 3rd party software
i had massive issue with the steamvr software itself and so far all the options virtual desktop, bigscreen and vorpx rely on steamvr
you mention vorpx and tridef can be used in video mode, i will investigate this further as i only got it working in pimax mode through steamvr(any assistance in this will be appreciated)


@coxwar Hi, as you know, the headset uses the software (Piplay) to adjust IPD. It will be null when it’s in Video mode. As Video mode means that the headset as another extended monitor only. :slight_smile:


basically the problem lies in the fact that the image as an extended monitor doesnt over lap the center portion of the screen
which mean you cant properly view the image
If IPD was available it would made customizing for game possible without need for 3rd party software like vorpx
is it possible to add this?


You’re welcome. I will add your request to our bug system.


I play my “non VR” games on Pimax 4k (3D SBS). Some games,(Bethesda, for example), allow us to centralize the HUD via command line or MODs.
When I want more performance, I use Pimax in video mode.
To adjust the image perfectly without fish-eye effect and without stretched heads, I use the Polymonial Barrel, which is part of SuperDepth3D 1.98 (ReShade).
My movies and series I watch in Tridef3D, is the best video app to create 3D SBS with great depth .


i have managed to find software to set a monitor in to side by mode

i am using it in arma 3 now
i set pimax to video mode, 1920,1080 in the pimax software
in windows i set the pimax to duplicate the main monitor(pimax needs to be the primary display)
and i set in game resolution to 4:3
pimax will as a monitor with this


Thats awesome… Its working well?


I’ve used this program, but I had the impression that it consumes more hardware resources than Virtual Desktop.


It’s good
I am missing the head tracking
And the image is a little squashed
As for resources I didn’t loose any preformance in arma