Using PS4 Motion Controllers



Hello, at the moment I am waiting on getting the valve index controllers or used pair of crypto gloves in the future for my VR experience. However, I do have a few playstation motion controllers laying around for when I did motion capture animation that I could use as temps for the time being. My question, is there any way to connect and use the playstation motion controllers as VR controllers?


Yes there is a playstation Move service. It requires a ps3 cam. There maybe a ps4 cam adaptee now.

Driver4vr is a small fee to get going & is free to try. (Google youtube check out).

Kinect2VR is similar to driver4vr & free.


Thanks, I might actually get Driver4vr in addition to my HTC lighthouses. I can use my kinect and other motion capturing equipment to better their tracking abilities and whatnot.