Vader Immortal Issues



Finally, after the Quest release, Vader Immortal is out for Rift as well and it’s freaking awesome.
There are issues though and I’d love if somebody could help me out.

It starts perfectly from Pitool with no issues with ingame settings on high,
unfortunately, the grip buttons have issues rendering the game useless to play.
With Revive though controllers work perfectly (tested on Pimax 8k and OD+) but there are heavily annoying judders on high settings although GPU and CPU utilization are around 50%
Using low settings (which are thx god not as low as it sounds) work without those judders.
I have tested other games with Revive (older and recent version) that work without issues.

can anyone confirm that it may be a problem with Revive and Vader Immortal on high (ingame) settings?

thx in advance


too bad i was about to buy it, i’ve uninstalled revive completely as with pimax there are perfomance issues almost everywhere togheter with an annoying delay with tracking that makes me sick.
i guess i’ll have to wait for a new pitool release that hopefully will fix the grip issue…

let us know if someone have found a way to fix the grip with pitool, revive is a no go for me.


This has been discussed in other similar threads. Please use the search function. The workaround atm is by alt tabbing to another application then alt tab back into the game. You need to do this everytime there’s an issue with the grip buttons. Which is problematic considering the numerous time they are required to be used in the game.


I have no issues with revive and my odyssey+
(except the need of ingame low settings, looks still amazing though. I’m actually not sure if the difference is noticable. Heard no reports about that. Probably @mixedrealityTV may shine a light on that. Using a rift which should work with both settings.

The alt+Tab solution with Pimax is a no go.
I prefer that game with oled anyway.