Valve HMD Accounced!




Well, yeah lets wait for the details. The FOV can’t be super wide.


135 FOV I’m hearing. So slightly more than Vive.
The two panels in the leaked images were JDI and BOE, the JDI LCDs are 3.5" 2160x2432 RGB at 120hz, the BOE’s are 3.5" 2160×2376 RGB at 90hz


This is indeed an interesting development.


Holy mother if true.


Oh man, if that’s true … :slight_smile: Where did you get this info? It does make sense though as BOE is currently test running their production lines in their new fab in Kunming, China, for these panels as we speak


From chat. :stuck_out_tongue:



LOL maybe I really will receive my Valve HMD before my Pimax 8K


Oh, my God. That’s terrible.:triumph:


If true my pimax is going on ebay.


Try to contain yourself buddy haha. The BOE specs are insane. I hope its for this HMD :slight_smile:


Another thing about the FOV…

Say it’s 120-135° in total…; I expect the per-eye FOV of the device to be very similar to that of the 8k/5k, only the the “surplus” going inwards, instead of outwards, giving the Index about the same amount of stereoscopic overlap as the HTC Vive, which is to say 20-ish degrees better than we have now.

If they are using LCD panels, I am very curious whether they have managed to avoid the “yellow glow” many of us experience with at least the 5k+ (don’t know if the panels in the 8k may have less “leaking”, or its users are just fewer/more forgiving/less discerning); Can anybody here attest to seeing it or not, in other LCD HMDs, such as the various Windows mixed reality ones, or Oculus GO?