Valve index $999




pretty steep for 2*1440 x 1600 LCD


Betcha the case wont be cracking tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Id definitely be getting that if i was still on my vive, would definitely be getting the controllers if i hadnt backed for a full kit.

Might still get the controllers anyway.


Still cheaper than it’s target the Vive Pro.


Comtrollers seem steep though.


This. Might wait for Pimax’s controllers.


Still waiting for Pimax to deliver my headstrap.


Do you know if the Valve Index base stations are compatible with the Pimax 5K+?
I know the controllers are but don’t know about the base stations.
Thanks in advance.


“120Hz, with an experimental 144Hz mode”


I saw the Pimax 5K+ is compatible with Vive 2.0 technology, does that mean it’s compatible with Vive Index stations as it seems to be 2.0?


Yes… :slight_smile:

It’s SteamVR 2.0 compatible (not Vive 2.0 compatible).


driving in PC2 or Dirt Rally at 120/144 hz sounds very challenging :slight_smile:

Assetto Corsa meybe…


Thanks for your answer, can you confirm everything will work if I buy the Index controllers and stations for my Pimax 5K+?


It should work as it’s all SteamVR 2.0 compatible, but I can’t confirm anything as I don’t have any of the parts, I’m sure others here using “Vive Pro basestations” (which are also SteamVR 2.0) and “Knuckles” can confirm that it’s working.


Here’s the official Vive info:

Compatability Graph

1.0 LH -> 1.0 & 2.0 devices
2.0 LH -> 2.0 devices


Thanks for your answers! I think I’ll buy Index controllers and stations if the Pimax ones aren’t out in June, the old vive controllers really are a mess and I want to sell my entire HTC vive package.