Valve Index user reviews



Looks like I was right. The Index is just a normal VR headset after all.
At least according to GamerMuscle

  • He confirms what @VoodooDE was saying about the controller layout being crap.
  • He confirms the screen will not blow you away. (Someone get him a Pimax as he is primarily a sim racer and I imagine he’d probably prefer the pimax)
  • He also confirms that the sweet spot and eyebox is better on the rift S
    -And he says the FOV is just marketing bs. Its basically exactly the same as the OG Vive .

I knew that valve was trying to pull a fast one with the 110-130 claim. I mean its either 130 or its not…cut the marketing crap.

Pimax says they have 200 diagonal fov and 8k in the name and everyone flips their shiz. Valve just throws out a sketchy ball park but never actually commits to saying its 130 deg and nobody says a thing.

Watch his summary here . Gotta admit theres a high possibility if Pimax can just get those swords out it could end up being a real alternative to index controllers. Not to mention the headset offering something nobody else does. If pimax fails it would be their own fault because they truly have next gen potential.

Anyway hearing this guys impressions leaves me feeling alot better about how awesome the Pimax truly is.


I have only spent just over 3 hours in my index so far. My initial impressions are very good. I have never spent 3 hours straight in the pimax due to eye strain and general discomfort. The fov on the pimax is amazing but pimax need to sort the head strap and face cushion ASAP the index is so comfy on your face compared to the pimax for me.


I don’t like that the Sword sense controllers have a grip button. If you’re going to do finger tracking, why not go all the way and add pressure sensing? That’s one of the cool thing about the Index controllers.


Gamermuscle often talks so much, but shows very little consistency and visual/technical proof, and other than the fact that he has many followers, he just is talking about his personal opinions, not offering much to evaluate or compare to the viewers.

Not one of the best sources of information in my opinion…

Sebastian of MixedRealityTV showed yesterday in his livestream a quick measurement of the Index FOV using the affordable FOV Rov Test, it resulted in a slightly less than 120 degree field, so the improvement is there in the Index, but not so much to hype about.


i want to remind that the fov effect is more apparent when going back to the old headset
so if not measuring i’d suggest to do a direct swap and judge then on the fov


In the video the guy specifies that he is comparing to the Vive with a thin face cushion. The FOV and the sweets spot of the Index is the same. To be fair to Valve they were quite open about this the whole time, it was the fanboys that choose to hype that. One fanboy on Reddit even told me that 130 degrees is the Normal FOV on the Pimax - that’s how out of touch the desire to build hype was in some people.


That’s why the ROV Fov test can be taken more seriously that just a mere personal opinion without any hard proof test, or just showing the mirror screen VR view of the monitor, or a through the lens look…gamermuscle never do anything like that, he just always talks about his personal opinions, and some are following him almost with religious admiration.

Don’t just put too much attention on a single source, especially if offering little visual proof and hard facts to compare and use for reference…that’s not an intelligent way to evaluate things, unless of course you can test it yourself in the end.


And yet he was right. And Valve were themselves not hiding. And as Valve themselves said - there is no “objective” FOV test - it is too dependent on the person and the way they setup their headset.


Exactly…that means ?..Compare as many sources + opinions as possible, possibly offering more than just opinions, then and only then evaluate and verify how much of it is accurate for you.
Yes the FOV is subjective, but can only mean better one for those who have extreme IPD’s and don’t wear glasses, and Sebastian has a very average IPD himself…so.


The “mainstream” media reviews are more one-sided and full with prejudices. Look at the Road to VR review - in the whole FOV section he never mentions Pimax, instead conveniently comparing it the Vive and the Rift. And he has strong personal opinion about on-board tracking vs external sensors that he just puts there as a matter of fact.

This morning I have read several mainstream reviews and at the end I found out I know nothing more than I knew before. I can easily deal with biases that are obvious and visible (like the guy in the video) than with big PR wall of text written in a way as to not offend any big company.


Yes the FOV is subjective, but can only mean better one for those who have extreme IPD’s and don’t wear glasses,

How can it be better if it is the same? And the glasses do not matter for this - I have always used the sleeping mask mod on my Vives for maximum FOV and people with glasses never had problems fitting. Regardless if you wear glasses or not - the FOV and the sweets pot is the same. I also don’t see how the IPD is relevant here.


This is interesting , so even Valve lenses are not as good as GearVR lenses mod.


The FOV is not like the pimax but it IS better than a std rift or Vive i don’t wear glasses and put the slider as close as it’s possible to go. The general ease of use and comfort and slightly better clarity wins for me. I am a real pimax fan but it’s the index I will use mainly from now for simplicity. The controllers are amazing and I have no problem with the layout. The god rays are also worse than the pimax but it’s just so comfy and after 3 hours felt great I only stopped as it was past one Am.


You just showed how little experience you had with the various VR headset available in the market until now… :slight_smile:
Lens distance (you even cited gamersmuscle using very thin foam for the Vive…it’s a contradiction to now negate it’s usefulness) and different IPD’s plus the possibiity to set bigger than the one’s measured IPD, could sometimes end up giving 4-5 degree more FOV , if not more…try an Odyssey and you will see what I mean…

Remember that VR is a HEAVILY USER SUBJECTIVE thing…

You can of course freely follow a single youtuber religiously and say that the mainstream interests are not impartial, it is of course true, but in the end…what is really useful to YOU, is gaining the most accurate impressions of an headset before investing in its purchase…and you will not be able to do it satisfactorily unless you remain objective and just take an observer’s position.

And BTW gamersmuscle was not always right, I’ve had multiple proofs after testing the headsets myself that what he was saying regarding VR (he is an experienced simracer in any case, with good reviews of sim hardware) was just based on hasty, quickly made opinions and inaccuracies due to inaccurate observation of the details…but this of course is just my opinion, as I don’t evaluate things based only on 2 or 3 youtubers/sources, and don’t waste time looking for “gurus” :slight_smile:


Personal attacks are always a last resort so I accept your surrender :slight_smile:

Everything else in you comment is just assumptions and mostly ignore what I actually wrote.

For the record - this is the first time I ever see this Youtube guy.


Can you tell us why did you have to do all of this? I use the 5k as a daily driver (and really daily) and after the first 2 weeks of initial setup and getting to know the headset it has been plug-and-play for me.


To add about the fov.He also said it’s the same as the Vive with 6mm foam, “the eyerelief” just has the same effect.
edit Oops it was already mentioned in the comments…


Maybe mines faulty it’s always done it but very often the screen is all broken lines going everywhere I power it off then back on and it’s fine got used to it now. I have other hmds that I use and they are all fine so it’s not my system.


they did not lie but thats marketing too
there are values used for rendering to the specific headset and you can calculate the FOV used for the matematical modell of the headset
@risa2000 did this for the pimax, pretty sure that can be done for the index too
as long as you dont change the math model you can change the eye relief distance as much as you want, the fov is always the same, what changes might be the “fact” how much of the display you see, if your eyes are deeper in your scull you might not see the same as someone with “protruding” eye’s in that case a lower eye relief might help to achieve the same result to get the “full” fov from your headset (usinf a thinner foam on the vive is the same, lower eye relief)


Maybe you should have asked for support by Pimax or on trhe forums for this obvious bug/problem instead of assuming it is and publicly proclaiming it as a general fault iof the headset?
Sometime ago when I got a premade HP PC it’s hard drive died after 2 weeks. I replaced it instead of going to the HP forums to tell them I’m moving to Acer and I’m happy their hard drives actually work… The amount and randomness of things people blame Pimax for is sometimes mindblowing


Fair enough as I said I’m a big pimax fan the fov is incredible but I’m not on my own with the issues related to pimax the internet and this forum is full of people having trouble I’m pleased your plug and play and enjoy your pimax daily.