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Indeed & all think “if i can see it, so should everyone”


Haha, yes indeedy…


I think his point was different. E.g. I can display 90° or 100° view of the single scene on monitor, but the monitor is the same. So for example if HMD has 110° FOV but tells application to display 120°, you will see 120 and might not notice it is actually just 110. If the difference is too large, it will be obvious, but for smaller differences it might not be. So for proper measurement there would need to be some calibration. Just seeing “120” on some meter in VR environment does not mean it is really 120 (even if the virtual environment is constructed correctly, e.g. circle around you with 360 degrees marked on it).


Valve tracking enable sub millimeter metric measurement quite easy to measure the concordance in VR to real object. Simply use the controllers, a ruler and measure in ROV test the X,Y,Z dimension compared to ROV test measuring lines.

If we see a correspondence and equality on all 3 dimensions FOV degree measurement should be correct and accurate.


Consider adding a counterweight (as discussed in this forum). It really improves the comfort of my 8K, which I’ve worn for up to 5+ hours straight (no breaks).


well at least you can get an index controller now.


Forgetting Quantifiable Indicators. If I can see my co-driver in dirt rally while staring forward. The FOV is wider.


There is no way to confirm this without an additional device - camera, with calibrated FOV, because the only way to prove the FOV is true, is to measure the real optical angles of the virtual angles (=objects at known virtual angles).

The only chance to spot it by the naked eye would be the depth distortion one would observe at the peripheral view (though I am not sure it would be actually visible). The other chance could be the stereo overlap, which could also show depth distortion (as if looking through the lens with wide FOV).


Iike I said earlier is easy to use the controler has marker on floors to validate that rov test app is reading the right angle. Besides this is purely academic because it’s easy to calculate that a 50 mm blank lens give about 130 degres max FOV when place to completely encompass the field of view of one eyes.


A little too hot for VR here in Canada, but I did a quick test with my Pimax 5K+ and a ruler using the lines on the floor in the new version of ROV test.

On the floor 0.5m Virtual=50cm ± 1cm real space;-)


What you tested is whether the virtual distance (marked in virtual space) corresponds to the real distance (marked in the tracked space). This is something quite different from what @McUH pointed out (and I replied to).

The virtual distance should be ok by definition (unless something in the pipeline does apply some “scaling”), but it does not prove that the angular verity is also fine. Imagine you take “fish-eye” glasses. They will let you see the world “compressed” to the center of the FOV with possibly having higher angular range (compared to the regular glasses, or even no glasses), but it would not make distance marks different.

You will still see 1 meter stick as one 1 meter stick (if you put ruler next to it, it will show 1 meter alright), but you will see this 1 meter stick at different angle (with different angular dimension) compared to how you would see it if not wearing those glasses. This is the type of distortion which can only be measured by verifying angular dimensions.

I agree that using the controllers to measure it in general seems like a good idea, but I am afraid that there are other factors which may (and most likely would) make such an effort completely unusable. This is why I mentioned you need a calibrated camera and a specific app to do that.


This is the purpose on measuring this value ( I personally doubt that the VR value is so far from the real one) Once we assure that VR space = Real space and that the Graphic/Games engine correctly deal with the geometry (supposition) we can also do angles measurements with the controllers outside VR in real space

Taking your fish eye example, if your FOV is distorted by then lens the 80 degrees marker in the test application will not be at 80 degrees in real space when we measure it. Distances between the markers are not so important has the graduation values placed by the application.

To put it another way it’s like 2 contiguous rooms where you can see the other one thru a glass in the wall. If the geometry/physic in the 2 rooms are equal we should be able to take angular measurement thru the windows has if we were in the other room. ( this is were the VR=Real space and game engine supposition is important). If you replace the glass windows by a fish-eyes lens the 80 degrees mark will not by at this same angle when you measure the real angle outsider VR between the 2 controllers

If no transformation are required to convert VRSpace to Rspace coordinates I don’t see how angles could require some. I do admit that some distortion could be present a this edge of the optics and that 5K+ could me more affected by the that then the Index. But I think it’s quantifiable using the controllers has measurement mark in real space

And by the way strictly speaking we would still have a 114 degrees of field of view for the Index but a distorted one :wink: :wink: ;-).


In Last weeks FReality podcast . Mike speaks about the hit or miss nature of using revive to play oculus games. I felt its worth mentioning because his description of it pretty much is the “Pimax Experience” for me with games in


He is a oculus hardcore fanboy…


apparently an index fanboy now


Thank you for the advice Neal.


You’re welcome. Here’s the info on my mod. I’m still using this “temporary” solution months later.


Looks like Chris thinks the pimax is a bit sharper than the valve index

Probably worth listening to him because he will have done good research on how best to set them both up as opposed to just reflecting the fact that the index is easier to use than the pimax


It was Steve who owns both and he specifically said the Pimax looked better in Skyrim but he wasn’t sure if it was settings related


Sorry yes was Steve , also valve may not yet have fully optimized the index software yet which could get better in time ,
If it’s just the refresh that’s better I’ll not buy the index , never use a vr headset longer than a few hours at a time so fatigue is not such an issue for me
Sent my reverb back so waiting for the Acer concept d ojoj