Valve Index user reviews



Yeah I’ve been hearing “not much less SDE than the Vive Pro” and “still visible SDE”. I won’t ever go back to a HMD with SDE, that’s for sure. Acer Ojo it is (or the new Odyssey which I’m guessing that Samsung will announce next month)


Acer are busy making ventilation hloes in the ojo after hp reverb issues


That’s your own speculation right? I couldn’t find any news regarding the Ojo for the last few months. But yeah overheating could definitely be causing the issues with the Reverb


I’d just add liquid cooling. :yum:


Just my speculation if they’re using the same panels


That’ll happen automagically when you sweat.


Speaking of speculation :sunglasses: any real in for this? Might be the only oled headset of the new crop…


No real info at this point unfortunately, Samsung never reveals much. But since the previous 2 versions were announced around august, I think there’s a good chance it will happen again this year in august


Strange as I have tried the 5k 8k and the index and the index is sharper in every game I tried including Skyrim. Noticeably. I think the acer will be super sharp. I wanted a Reverb but the issues have put me off the idea. I wonder when the Ojo will be released.


I wonder how supersampling scales in the index. I notice that the 5K+ starts to really come into its own at 120% and that’s the minimum I try to hit in any title for that reason.


I don’t know what distances the virtual focal planes are at, between the two devices, but for some reason I am ever so slightly out of optical focus with the index, which is really unpleasant, whereas I am in sharp focus with the P5k+ (EDIT: in the centre of each lens) (my go-to test is whether I can make out the SDE crisply). I’ll try to source some lenses that add tenths of diopters, and see whether they do anything for me – my eyes have been aging quite rapidly the past year or so (…although I could imagine several alternative reasons the focus/apparent_focus could be off, other than my apparently needing glasses with this headset, in spite of not doing so in real life for anything farther away than half a metre).

I also can not avoid noticing that not only does the lens glare/scatter add to the overall brightness of the image - not only for dark areas, but I find my index very dim also, with an abysmal peak brightness (like most newer HMDs, of course, and the Rift CV1 before it), and between these two, Skyrim (…and everything else) turns depressingly bleak; Colours are rich enough - excellent gamut for an LCD, but there is just no dynamic range; It is as if one have turned down contrast extremely much in an image editing program, normalising a photo around medium gray +/- 70; Stare into an open flame in Skyrim, and it looks just as opaque and non-emissive as the stone sconce it burns out of. Man, we need HDR!

The pk5+ at least feels like it is a good bit brighter, even with all PiTool picture balancing parameters at zero, and between all these things, and probably the FOV in some way, too, I do get a considerably greater sense of clarity out of it, than I do out of the index, even with the devices obviously being around the exact same resolution in PPD, and even if I give the index much more supersampling.

…BUT when it comes to graphical detail, the two devices seem very close, and index has a much better and correct-feeling sense of the space and scale, without noteworthy levels of distortion. It also does not suffer from the binocular rivaly with focus, that the 8k/5k series has (…the touted reduction in focus falling off toward the edges is real), nor Pimax’s own version of its glare - being the “yellow glow” that hovers in each quadrant of the lenses.

It’s a hard choice, really, but I think I’ll be staying with the index. I’ll try some lenses, and hopefully Valve can be convinced to add some options to perhaps accept a little more persistence in exchange for an extra nit or two (like the brightness control in PiTool), as well as driver-level picture balancing.

Funnily enough, the place where the sadly lost FOV feels the most uncomfortably restraining, is in Skyrim’s map view. :7


Very in-depth analogy. The pimax and index are both fantastic headsets and have plus and minus points. This is a great time for VR. I know where your coming from with the map view and the smaller fov :grinning::+1:


This is exactlythe case for me with the HP Reverb, most likely caused by the IPD adjustment not being enough.

By the way, if anyone wonders, my Index has still not been found (its lost somewhere between the courier and the pickup place and they are still today trying to find it).


What a downer Martin I am really looking forward to your review. Hope they find it soon or the driver gets bored of beat saber and returns it.


Thanks man. Yeah a real bummer. Im starting to lose my hopes now lol. But hey I know I will get it sooner or later. Its just a shame I missed the first hype train :wink:


But if you finally get it you don’t need to rush and can take your time for a review :slight_smile:


If I remember correctly you have about the same IPD as me? I have about 69 and just couldn’t use the Reverb. If one eye would be sharp, the other one would be blurry. Really too bad that they didn’t implement an IPD hardware adjustment switch since I really loved the sharpness (in 1 eye lol).

Then again, the FoV also was just too small in my opinion too. The odyssey+ is for me personally the minimum tolerable FoV, but the Reverb is noticeably smaller.


@sjefdeklerk yes I have 69.5 and you are totally right about the HP Reverb, I can’t use it either. Even using the windows registry tweak by adjusting the software IPD above 67mm, it doesn’t help.

Yeah FOV is similar to original Rift or even slightly smaller for me. I have the Pro version with the leather face pad and that may cause it, but either way this headset was a huge disappointment to me. Especially after the initial hype about it… :wink:


Yeah same here. However the visual quality of the panels really left me wanting that resolution. Let’s see who the next manufacturer is that will use this res WITH an IPD adjustment button. Hoping myself for an announcement next month from Samsung


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