Valve Index user reviews



When we look at the Valve Index controllers we’re so lucky to see that the Pimax controllers has ZERO know defaults up to now!

A common problem with those type of buttons, to some point I had it with my PS3 controller and my XBOX, definitively have it with this one. Answer by Valve is correct by design those types of buttons are constructed to support a strait directional upward /downward pressure to activate the contact. when the cursor is tilted pressure on the contact become more and more difficult with the tangent angle increasing.

@Flinnt can’t match your style only hope to copy it merely. … :wink:


Strange as I had clickability in my old ps3 controllers


From memory it was very less pronounced then this one. But this one is bigger and require more force all things being equal

it’s only a question of variance and course limited design


Real question though did Valve do the smart cool thing on the Analog triggers like on Steam controller?

Analog trigger with a final digital switch? Always liked configuring gas with turbo or Fire with full squeeze to reload. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Stopped bothering with consoles after ps3 & Wii.


Tyriel thru the lens Valve index, better then Vive Pro but equal or close to the 5K+ in term of resolution? Black levels seems really good…


Another review of controller ne click pas.


Maybe I am being stupid, but I dont mind the analog stick… what’s the issue really?


The problem is that the button action from pressing in on the stick does not work when the stick is too far from its centre position.

Can’t say I particularly care, being that one guy who was against adding thumbsticks in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not as good as other Analog sticks. Even the steam controller clicks in all positions. (I have 3 of them).

My Afterglow wired xb1 controller also clicks in all positions.


Through the lens videos are good for showing screen door effect, and that’s about it.

Through the lens videos are absolute garbage for showing contrast, black levels, colors, and clarity.

I could take 3 different videos of the same headset with the same camera and draw three different conclusions.


Not 100% in accord with you when done correctly you can infer SDE so definition is also possible to infer. Oled panels are distinctinguable from others. I can appreciate in these images the qualities I see in my 5k+ it’s not :100: % perfect but it’s better then nothing. From experience only swiviver and tyriel give acceptable and comparable results over time… and those captures must be interpreted with comments from the reviewers. When we add all reviews the Sum of the all is better then the individual reviews.

For colours nothing can be ok unless you have calibrated equipments from capture through visualization


My thought exactly. Works perfectly fine on the Steam Controllers.

They might have gone with a different type because of space constraints?


uh oh i just got a rift s , and my ipd is like yours. do either of you guys have the same problem with rift s? @sjefdeklerk


yeah i saw this. Wouldnt it be funny if Pimax swords turned out to actually be “better” than the index lol. I mean every review ive seen so far talks about how the actual button layout is so much better on the touch. And that the grip button is missed.
And now you can add this joystick issue into the mix.

pimax controllers have been shown to be more ergonomic, mimic the touch layout exactly and if the joysticks actually work like joysticks. Pimax could actually do it!


apparently they did, and mike from vr oasis HATES! it.

heres a link directly to him mentioning it


This would be awesome indeed. Noticed Index controllers don’t have shoulder button only trigger & imagine the trigger is only single stage unlike the steam controller.


Sounds like he doesn’t know the click is an extra button.


I really hope the Pimax “Swords” are good. Im just tired of using the Vive wands and ready for something better. I really didnt want to drop another $300 for Index wands then find out the Pimaxes are better :roll_eyes:


That seems very unlikely lol.


stranger things have happened, but based on track record your right.

index controllers so much issues.