Valve Index user reviews



I got a valve index headset coming my way(only the headset)

I wanne compare it to my pimax5kplus…

At the moment i have the indexcontrollers with the 5kplus and the old lighthouses and that works okay…

One thing will it be better in for sure is the build quality,but let see about the rest…
I will let it know here when i recieve the unit…


I have to take back a previous statement of mine, by the way, about the headset being dim.

I have since experienced blinding light in various titles (Elite is just gorgeous in the index). Not sure whether this changed impression is because I heeded somebody’s advice, and had Steam validate the files in my SteamVR installation; If it’s just a fickle perception- and becoming accustomed- thing; Or maybe it was for the most part Skyrim, which had at any rate already been “fixed” between these events, by somebody tailoring an injector post-processor profile for the game, which balances contrast and brightness as appropriate, as well as sharpens the image a bit. (EDIT2: You may want to try that grader with the p8k/5k, too: - Make sure to fetch that particle patch as well.)

(Also looked into CPU bottlenecking isues I was having… Hopped into BIOS, and entered my RAM speed manually, instead of my up-until-now just letting “auto” handle that along with everything else, and it turns out 144fps in Skyrim, is viable after all, even without needing to subsample, on a 1080Ti (although x1.73 (300%) or more supersampling really takes things from: “indistinct blurry shape”, to: “that crag looks almost real” (EDIT: wish I could have both that and 144fps :7)), and 144Hz really does make a noticeable difference, also compared to 120: Whereever you have large frame deltas of course (high angular velocity optical flows look much smoother (e.g. looking down at the ground when running, or panning at a decent speed)), but it somehow also makes character and object animation “feel” a lot more “organic” …


may i ask, why is ED gorgeous with the index?


I don’t own an Index, but from what I’ve seen online it has much better black levels than the Pimax headsets.


Objects take on a sort of “solidity”, that I have not quite experienced before, however vague and hokus-pokus-y that sounds… Ships taking off from neighbouring pads look more like big things moving through 3D space next to me. Maybe it’s the reduced falloff of clarity from the centre of the lens, which makes the FOV more useful, keeps both eyes in similar focus, and raises spatial awareness; Maybe it’s the low geometric distortion; Maybe it’s one’s head rotations being represented at a higher refresh rates than 90, at least being reprojected, even when frame rate falters badly… I guess it’s the sum of a myriad tiny things, and “honing” of basics…

I don’t even recall my first impressions of the index’s brightness and colour representation in E:D, but generally thought everything was dim and washed out everywhere; But right now the lighting of my surroundings in Elite feels… lifelike (relatively), with “daylight” shining on things in a “familiar manner”, so to speak, nicely shaded and vibrant.

Like always with VR it is kind of hard to describe, and needs to be experienced – really wish nobody ever had to buy an HMD untried.

(Oh, and the air pressure those speakers can put on your ears, when passing through certain parts of the mailslot containment field - man!)

I will still be very interested in trying the 8kX to potentially replaceme the index, mind, if there is a generous tradeup deal for old backers. No matter what HMD one end up using at any given time, it will have upsides and downsides. :7


There is a new version of that enb out specifically for LCD panels:

Really helps with blacks etc. I was a big fan of the original, and am of this one too.


Thanks for the ED impressions. How are the the blacks? Does ship cabin and star field look smokey like the 5k+

Also how does the sun look when your next to it? Is it super bright and vibrant with the higer refresh rate?


Hang on, wasn’t that the one I was linking… Err, no, no I guess it wasn’t. :7 …or rather, I went first to the thread you linked, and then clicked right through to the older one, before copying the URL - ho hum. :stuck_out_tongue:


Grey, yep - emissive where there should be absolute darkness; Sometimes creating a badly-lighting-matched-composite-photo effect on foreground objects, just like we’re familiar with at this point, with other LCD-based devices :/.

The glare in the lenses behaves much like with all the other Fresnel lens headsets: Slipping across the curvature of the lenses, and floating right up in your eyes, gleefully blinding and distracting you; …but the same amount of stray light is distributed more uniformly, over a larger field, so it is dimmer and less distinct - more an oily mist than stark highlights - still pretty damn disturbing. It, too, is grey, unlike the “slightly less soap-bubbly” quartet of ghostly hovering yellow glowing rectangles in the p8k/5k.

…and some Elite stars really do sear my retinas now - nice, bright, and colourful. :7

A caveat may be needed here, that I am a bit of a supersampling junkie, and when I am getting these solid-looking objects I mentioned, that is with an absolute ton of it, and the associated nosediving framerate. Pull that ss down to x1.0, and anything turns just as muddy, and pixelly, and insubstantial, and starting-to-lose-all-definition-no-more-than-a-pace-away-y as ever.


luckely we can tweak a bit :slight_smile: I get good results with hmd brightness low, contrast +3 and brightness -5 with ED.


Interesting thanks, for me the scale was getting better with the offset settings especially in the cockpit, but it is like you say, still i don’t get a real convincing feeling of size if i pass a planet or spacestation wich i had with my previous lenovo…
I’m curious to know if the difference in solidity is there having the 8k, that was better i noticed with over the lenovo i had.
I hope @SweViver will get his 8kx soon, so we know it’s worth saving for over what we allready have and the index :slight_smile:
Pimax mentioned early in kickstarter that backers will get a deal on future headsets, i hope soo. otherwise it’s to big of an investment while we have used our headsets this shortly.
I got better Solidity with objects in space by enabling antialiasing mode to enhance the aplication setting, 4x 4x supersample in nvidia controlpanel
Not that it becomes blurry but it smudges the textures a tiny bit a noticed and aliasing is almost gone. Maybe it works on the 5k+ too


So you can say without a doubt that this actually has an effect?

…because everything I have heard states that multisampling AA is just not something we can have with deferred rendering, and so we’re left with ghastly post-processing substitutes like FXAA, and SMAA, and to a slightly lesser degree TAA.

Sorry about the rant that is about to ensue… or… well, I’m halfway into it I suppose…, but you stumbled inadvertently into a pet peeve of mine, which can be summed up in the sentence: “I hate aliasing with a passion, but I’ll take it any day over even just the slightest hint of blur”. :7

…and blurry edges and detailing is exactly one of those things that makes things look less substantial to me - indistinct, unsharp, ghostly, wavy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Supersampling is good - it actually takes more ground truth into the averaged value of each pixel, for geometry and textures both, as well as the projection getting to play into how the world is sampled (in a way it does not when a texture has been pre-baked-down into a smaller mipmap), making it look “more right”, and smoother by that means.
…But cut-down versions, that saves work by only fixing select bits, which are deemed “most egregious”, or even just makes a few educated guesses? -Naa, not quite. :7

…and even with supersampling, there were dozens enough in an apparent minority I’m part of, that Valve could be persuaded, back at one point, to make an improved supersampling filtering algorithm optional, after they first pushed it out in a beta, and Elite Dangerous players in particular complained about suddenly blurry visuals (the option is in the developer section of the desktop settings window: “Advanced ss filtering” is enabled by default, for those who’ll take some softness to the imagery, if it reduces aliasing – the rest of us can untick it :7).

Now… “proper” MSAA should have no effect of textures, I am pretty sure, so that sounds odd - they shouldn’t smudge: Keeping textures antialiased is the job of mipmaps and texture filtering, and the realtime AA should only affect polygon edges, AFAIK…

Ooo-kay… Sorry about all that. Totally get you, if your eyes glazed over, there. :7


haha indeed i’m not so deep into it.
No it’s not blurry or smudgy at all i hate that also as much as the aliasing itself, i meant it in a way to express what i think it’s happening in a very subtle way , i get better results with the lesser fxaa in game and the extra standard enhanchement from the controlpanel.
I tried the different options and combinations with better anti aliasing techniques in nvidia inspector, i liked some things but i was loosing to much performance.
I am just going for another elite session will check again to see the differences, to be absolutly sure :slight_smile:


Can be hard to tell. :7

I hear rumors that FDev may be assuming direct control over Thargoid ships in Maia, at the moment (they show up as unfilled markers on the scanner), which is an interesting prospect. :7

They are probably just doing it out of lacking AI behaviour for Thargie actions around ground bases, but it’s still quite interesting - for now, and for potential NPC interaction in future “interstellar initiatives”. :7 (I wonder if they have fully modelled bridges for the Thargoid vessels. :9)

Kind of reminds me of Cyan’s URU, where staff roleplayed the small cast of NPCs, for the brief moments they would appear; No automatons, there, save for a few prerecorded holographic messages, and “the creatures!”. :7


i’m not over there so i don’t know what your talking about :grinning:, i have played a few hundred hours and finaly decided to have a look at earth, i’m at the abraham lincoln station, nothing special.


Your comments in the thread and the lack of updates from Acer and Samsung just made me pull the trigger. Bought the ‘kit’ from ebay, looking forward to testing this thing myself


How much did you pay for it??


Ah… I’ll go buy myself some protective gear, in case you want to come beat me up afterwards… :stuck_out_tongue:


$350 for the ‘skip the line’ ticket plus the regular $999 for the kit, so $1350 total :slight_smile:


Haha, no worries, I am convinced Valve delivered a headset that in many ways has been very cleverly engineered. These guys know what they’re doing. Things like distortion won’t be an issue here, I’m sure of that.

Just too bad that they didn’t use 4k res, that would have made it the perfect HMD for quite some time to come.