Valve Index user reviews



the interesting fact is that they demoed to a customer and changing hmd’s on the fly, from our experience its nearly impossible to get the pimax 5k+/8k to good (stomach compatible) state without tweaking a lot (foam thickness, up,down, tilt)

my guess would be there might be a better set of lenses (like “only” 150° hor. fov and better/consistent quality) and using eye tracking for fine tuning (the last was hinted from why they did the vertical offset adjustment function in .144 beta)

the sound system of the index can be “mimicked” easily and 120Hz depends on the displays you can get (for a reasonable price) and the horse power of your gpu (and there is also smart smoothing to soften the gpu need)
i’m not convinced a 8kx (one cable DP 1.4 solution) with a low refresh rate like 72Hz will be a great product, for me 72Hz is one of the reasons the XTAL is off limit
8kx might be a thing for sim fan’s but for all purpuse there is room for a new iteration of 1440p per eye (the visuals of the XTAL is proof of this, they nailed it with only pentile), also with 1440p there is at least a possibility for wireless in a foreseeable future


Just Expressing my opinion just like everyone else in here. Ill say it again fov>everything lol


Ok if this happens then ill get the index. Hate wire with a passion.


and like I did (vive with tpcast) you may still find


only reason for still using the vive is that i still get uncomfortable after about 20-30 min with the pimax


Yeah some are stuck in their choices. No different than one saying refresh rates are everything. Interestingly I am surprised that FB with only putting a QHD lcd screen in the rift s didn’t go with a 120hz screen like the Razer phones.


Well for Wireless on the Index in theory the Vive Pro wireless might work. Might being the key word.


Remember with eye tracking dynamic distortion correction becomes possible. Just takes time to arrange all the puzzle peices.


And now your contradicting yourself.

Is it FoV is everything or wireless. :beers::yum::+1::sparkles:


Yeh but I think the key is expressing one’s preferences without belittling others for their choices or making it sound like others are somehow inferior as a result if they don’t agree. Putting things into perspective, people got on fine in VR before there was wider FOV, people got on fine before there was higher refresh rates.

When people enter a thread about a specific headset and its features (a reviews thread) and then try and push their agenda when it’s not called for under the guise of “Oh I am just expressing my opinion as is my right on the public forums” it comes across as troll like. It’s like me going into all the Pimax threads now and proclaiming 144hz is far better than anything else Pimax can offer and anyone who disagrees is either a Pimax shill, Pimax apologist or simply not worth listening to because they don’t know diddly-squat about decent VR.



I think Pimax should try and 1up Valve with their DAS strap. The 8K is a beast of a headset. They should over engineer it with a hinged front and a pair of kick as*s headphones. The 4K was respected for being comfy with a good pair of cans. Make it simulator grade


Ah but it’s your interpetation thatt he’s belittling you.

He said for him FoV is everything. Then later contradicted himself with wires.

It’s not like the RoadToVR article recently where it was clear that a user was belittling another due to not being able to afford a “premimium” headset when he said the Index price is too high.

Just because Toba has said it multiple times as have others doesn’t mean their pushing it. Any more than saying due to distortions causing eye strain one cannot use pimax should be viewed anything other than what it is. Opinions based on XP.

No different really than even the Oled vs LCD.


That is very impressive. :grinning::+1:


Well no hard feelings but so far pimax always has been over promising and under delivering. I am not getting excited yet.


I will most definately second that. At this point pimax has only their actions as a valid currency, and certainly not promises or “wait and see hope”.


Index owners should get this thing for sure…!


Is the vive pro wireless system different from the vive wireless system?

Do you know if anyone tried the vive pro wireless system on the index?



The official intel vive wireless system is the same for the vive pro but uses an add-on single vive pro custom cable instead of the og vive hdmi, usb, power, (ie… it has been specifically designed for those 2 headsets only with connections for both).

Unfortunately its not possible to use it on any other hmd as Pimax, index & vive pro all have different custom connectors.

The only way this would be physically possible is to have an index type to vive pro type connector.
Im guessing the connectors are copyrighted.
I think it would be possible for a third party company or a clever person with a soldering iron.

Even if that happened, i would imagine the software would require some sort of handshake & would need tampering with also.
So unfortunately i think the only way this could happen would be officially but as valve seem to be competing with htc now, in my opinion very unlikely


Got it. Thanks!
How about a tpcast wireless adapter meant for the index? Is there any of this in the work?

If vive and valve are in competition, maybe we would get soon a wireless adapter from valve to compete with the vive?


The Vive Pro from my understanding uses DP connection where as Vive uses Hdmi.


I havent heard of anything but i would imagine they might be looking into it.
They never (to my knowledge) delivered a vive pro version of tp cast though & the index will need that sort of bandwidth.

I would hope that valve would be working on wireless to release asap, but they seem to do (or not do) what the want when they want