Valve Index user reviews



Yes it does for higher bandwidth as do pimax & index, but has a custom cable at hmd end & wireless adapter end.

Ive thought about how to physically do this before & the only ready made way i can think of is using hdmi male to dp female converter on a full lenght cable but this takes the bandwidth down to hdmi level


Index review…


no, that thing is tightly knitted to the vive, resolution fixed and even the rift (same res) needed a extra version
they talked about a 2.0 version for vive pro, never heard from that again, they even failed to fix the initial version, there are still color stripes on the outer edge and there was only a more unofficial beta version of the software with mic support
they are still selling (stock?) half price

the only possible might be the official HTC adapter, the transmission is standard intel wigig network, as vive pro and index have the same res. and index supporting 90Hz so it is at least in theory possible to use that for the index but there might be problems with device id’s and usb over wigig, there where also problems with ryzen systems that newer got solved, htc refunded people with ryzen problems


htc wireless ryzen problems were sorted ages ago as far as I know . not had an issue with my ryzen at all


So i guess that overall there might be some time to wait until we get a wifi solution for the index , despite the index being less demanding than a pimax 8k/5k in terms of data amount to be transfered wirelessly


if there is a way using the htc/intel wigig solution with index we will know in a few weeks, there are plenty of people owning both and there is a demand of wireless so it will be tested


How does the Index FOV compare to the Pimax on the low setting? I definitely prefer the normal FOV setting but have been trying out the small one to get a sense for how FOV impacts sim racing. I have a Index on order and will be comparing it to my 5k+ and selling/returning whichever I don’t prefer.

I struggle a bit with the comfort of the 5k+ (with the DAS mod) so if the Index is far more comfortable and the high FPS modes work well, I might prefer that. Interested to see how they really compare hands on.


Looking forward to that. Thanks!


This is what steve from vr roundtable knocked up.
He talks about how it feels like pimax small although its smaller.
It seems to be the vertical fov which really makes the difference between pimax & index compared to the other headsets on the market.

Here is the episode where they talk about fov, starting around 1:07:30.
Its a good watch


I estimate it’s around 8 or 9 degrees horizontal less than the 5k+ small setting but what you do see on the index except for the outer 3mm or so is very nice.


Thanks for the info, very interesting to see the FOV drawn out like that. I guess I’ll just have to do a hands on with it and compare thoughts for my use case.

The screenshots I’ve seen seem to make the clarity out to be a good bit sharper than what I’m getting with the 5k+ as well, so I’m really interested to check it out.


Its always hard taking info from through the lens pics as for good or for bad they dont always represent what you really see.

You do get a nice sharp clear picture with the index & its possibly easier than the 5k to get your eye in to the sweetspot & keep it there.

Going from memory i did get a nice sharp pic on the 5k+ as well but getting my eyes in the sweetspot & keeping them there is a bit more difficult in the 5k, at least for me.
I was always fiddling & readjusting.


I eagerly wait for both headsets users opinions! :slight_smile:
Seen lots of Index offers on ebay.
Just no fanboys stuff pls.


I have both. They’re both good. Keeping both until something better comes along.
Pimax fov is awesome, I never really see or notice distortion, but I get some eye strain. When I use the index I miss that peripheral vision, but with index there’s no eye strain. 3d overlap FEELS bigger on index, but going back and forth I don’t think it is, just the fov of pimax makes it look small.
Audio is world class on index vs DAS.
Annoying thing is compatibility, for example some scopes in onward don’t work well with pimax canted screens.
Not sure what everyone is saying the sweet spot on index is large… The sweet spot on the index is so small, I have to have the headset position perfect. The pimax has a huge sweet spot.
Comfort is very comparable with DAS. The index I get the lenses to push on my brow if I move the lenses closest for the biggest fov, which doesn’t happen with pimax.
I have a normal 63mm ipd and normal oval average size face
I wish we had valve index with pimax fov


That is because an exasperatingly large apparent majority, misuse the term to describe how large a percentage of the field of view is in decent focus, instead of its actual meaning.


Whats the difference? Genuine question.


Since we are talking lenses, let’s liken it to the focal point, or “burn point” of a magnifying glass: (As if you didn’t already know, I’ll do a silly little pretend lecture) If you hold up a magnifying glass so that its lens axis optimally points at the sun, the light that comes into the lens across its entire area will refract and converge, on the other side of the lens, on a point a certain distance from it, given by the lens profile, and the relative refractive indices of the lens and the surrounding media (let’s say glass and air :7).

Put a piece of paper in this spot in 3D space, where all the light that enters the entire area of the lens is concentrated in a tiny point, and you can set fire to it.

That point could be called a sweet spot for setting fire to a piece of paper using that magnifying glass; Just a tiny bit away from it in any of the three spatial dimensions (although less abrupt in the lens-relative Z axis), there will be no concentrated heat - you are out of the sweet spot. (…although the lens is never perfect enough that the spot is infintessimally small - there will of course be deviations that limit how small you can project the spot onto the paper (EDIT2: …not to mention that the sun “rays” are not parallel - the sun is quite big in the sky, and you get light from both opposite sides. :7)).

Similarly you need to have your eyeball properly aligned with the lenses in a VR headset, for best optical conditions - both positionally and rotationally. There can be several aspects to this, and a lens may not necessarily have the sweet spot for them all in the same place (e.g. are the ridges between the segments of a given fresnel lens parallel with one another, or do they converge somewhere, so that you see them edge-on?), but let’s not go there… :stuck_out_tongue:

When you are perfectly aligned, you should achieve the best the HMD can offer in terms of, amongst other things, that other definition, from the previous post, which is probably where the confusion stems from: Mixing up cause and effect, exacerbated by the not unreasonable argument that the little area in focus, in the midst of progressively worse blur toward the edges, could indeed be described as a “spot”.

A “large” sweet spot would be one that has a lot of tolerance, so your eye could move a little bit away from the singular point in space, relative to the lens without the view through it becoming all too distorted and out of focus, making it more a volume than either point, line, or disc, that you can move around within, and still keep the contents of your bowels :P, but that volume remains centred around the one spot in space.

Now, an HMD has to somehow accommodate some movement away from the perfect singular point, of course, with tolerances, or tunings, since looking around moves the pupil of one’s eye across the space in front of the lens (EDIT: fixed lens, that is – if we had that strong a contact lens, the matter would be radically different).

(…and here I can make an example of the matter of different aspects I didn’t want to go into earlier: The Oculus Rift CV1 could be said to have a large sweet spot, because you can wear it pretty wrong, and still get a sharp-ish view, but you may still experience other abberations caused by being off, such as the view warping, and colours separating.


Maybe i am less lucky with the pimax but when i get my eyes aligned in the pimax lens sweetspot, the hmd feels a bit unnatural as it feels higher on my brow then it should be.
I think my eyes gradually move out through my movement which makes me adjust more.

I feel that with the index that is less of a problem for me.
It might not be a case of sweetspot size but possibly the facefoam & headstrap are a more natural fit for me & better for keeping my eyes in the center.

As we havent seen the new pimax facial interface, foam & delux headstrap yet, that might improve


Or in leymans terms (if im correct), the center spot of the lens which you need to align with the center of your eyes to get the image at its best


Yes… I got a more than a little silly there, didn’t I? :stuck_out_tongue: