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When I first saw VL spec I got the feeling it was not well designed. Technically (and theoretically) everything is great, with smaller connectors, faster cables, etc. In reality however, if you for example try to connect a phone with USB-C to your TV by using USB-C to HDMI cable you will notice that the connection (on USB-C side) is nothing you would want to move, nor pull or bend the cable close to it, because it is so fragile.

The worst thing is that if you attach a (really) high speed cable (either the HDMI, or 10Gbps rated USB-C to USB-C) you will see that the cables, because of the additional shielding and required impedance, are much sturdier than the connector (connection) itself.

So, USB-C (connector) may work for cases where you attach your device and then do not touch it anymore, or do not move the cable around, but I cannot image how it would work with the cable, which should be even less flexible than those named above and which should be in permanent move (as HMD cables are). Such a thing should have used something like the old DVI connector and got tightly screwed on!

Plus, in Valve’s particular example, they also had to figure out, how to minimize the impact of the dongle, as some already figured out, every additional connector on the line hinders the performance and reliability of the high speed connection.

So, in the end, I am not surprised that Valve figured that out. I am surprised that no one from Nvidia and others from the consortium did not long time before.


Nvidia designed it…the industry agreed and followed…like it often happens when Nvidia does the big voice and invest millions in marketing… :smirk:

And using a form of 3dvision in VR would only worsen all the nausea problems associated with this VR tech…no one would tolerate to wear it anymore except maybe some VR diehards and enthusiasts, it’s already a problem and you want to add stereoscopy ? C’mon… :smiley:


Exactly…and it took some capable VR engineers (Valve ones) who have a minimum of real interest in doing things right, to find it out…well…not that it was so hard to find out… :smirk:

I mean, anyone working with Pc hardware knows very well how USB is problematic already, almost half of motherboards have unrealiable USB 3.x chips and connections, even worse drivers…and someone comes up with a great idea…“let’s use it for video and data mixed !!” , how dumber of a choice could this be ??? And think about using other USB peripherals in such a system that is already taxed to almost full bandwidht by the active headset…any other peripheral including the simple mouse would become erratic and laggy…

Please…anyone with an ounce of brain would get it… :slight_smile:


Good example , it happens mostly because of poor shielding, not enough sustained impedance and generally poor cable quality, and most cables are chinese made with horrible materials and assembly, think about the Displayport 1.4 HBR3 cables, like for example the one sold by Club 3D (one of the very very few high quality…) it costs over $60 , not by chance… such cables contain a considerable amount of noble metals and HQ materials.

The only viable alternative in my opinion is adopting the thunderbolt-3 standard via optical cables, cable costs could be a problem initially but…I mean…we’re already at the limits with analog, metal based cables, and these already need to be very expensive to get to DP1.4 HBR3 and HDMI 2.1 bandwidth and speeds, it’s almost a sure thing that 3-4 meter optical fiber would cost less !..

Plus…thunderbolt is already USB3.x compatible/interchangeable, and thunderbolt controller chips are way more fast, reliable and efficient.


nah i use an usb-c adapter for my Rift and that cable ain’t going nowhere. How snug it fits is a matter of how well they build the socket


Funny, Valve realizes that nobody wants to use a headset where the connection is so unstable it causes white sparkles on the screen. And infinite requests for replacement cables.

Listening Pimax?


Fortunately the new cables have eliminated those issues and are better in numerous ways. I only saw a couple of returned version 2 cables and zero version 3 ones.


make that 3 Mine have the issue and my request for a new cable was brushed aside.

I’ll pay money, i just don’t want to see white dots anymore.


My guess is that your cable was a tested version 1 cable. I will be traveling for a couple of days back to the usa but I can help you get a cable that will totally solve your issue when I’m back in the office.


Did you contact the NA office? As you are in that region & they have proven to be quite good at looking after our Region.

There is even a phone number. I am still among those with first version of the cable with no White dots. Your replacement cable(s) still could have been from earlier batches that passed initial inspections.

One user identified 1 thing causing some of the cable issues is it’s being bent too much in packaging & did also affect dp cables packaged with Monitors. Used a hair dryer I believe to remove kinks fixing his cable as he was waiting for a replacement.

Cable should be packaged (coiled) more like a halo around the headset vs the tight bends.


I have the same problem with the sparkling dots and should make a video or photo of it as a proof!???

Did you get the same reply?


LOL , guess what casually showed up reading some HW news on the net:

" USB 4.0 borrows heavily from Intel’s thunderbolt 3 technology - which, if you’ll remember, was made available as an open specification very recently. Intel’s contribution of the Thunderbolt 3 protocol will enable USB 4.0 to achieve speeds of up to 40 Gbps with multiple data and display protocols being able to share available bandwidth. Additionally, USB 4.0 will make use of USB Type-C’s interface, ensuring backwards compatibility not only with it, but also USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 3. Due to the many improvements in data transfer speeds and ability to stream multiple data and display protocols, the USB Promoter Group is looking at the possibility of changing USB’s trademark logo for the next generation interface, alongside a revised branding scheme."



thanks, should I make a new support ticket or will you remember ?


im not sure, day 1 when i got the headset , it was a snow globe. but i took the cable out and reseated it and itcwas fine for a bit, but i can see them during dark scenes.


Best would be to create a ticket then PM me the ticket number Sunday if you don’t mind.


i will try but im getting an internal server error upon logging in to the suppot site.


Seems ok when I tried it just now.


A lot of users are getting internal server 500 error. @Enopho said pimax needs to fux something on their end.


Hi All,
again - questions to users, who experienced both Index and Pimax 5K/8K. If you could keep only one, which one would it be and why? Perhaps combination of Pimax + Index controllers and base stations?
Sold my 5K hoping Index will be much better, still not sure what to go back to, before the winter comes.
Mostly playing DCS World (my main game), PavlovVR and Onward.


that page loads , but when you go into your account you get the error.

heres a direct link to the page in question