Valve Index user reviews



As any support forum. The same with Oculus, Google or any tech support forum. There is an obvious difference in the way people treat the problems with the Pimax headsets as compared to any other headset or piece of tech - it started in the Oculus subredtit but spread quite fast everywhere.

There are lots of Pimaxes out there, if the technical problems were as serious and widespread as some people want you to believe the outcry would be huge. But it is not - the problems Pimax experience seem quite within the norms for a cutting-edge tech company judging from the overall feedback.

If you are eager to downgrade to an obviously inferior headset you are of course free to do it, I was just thinking that fixing the bug or replacing the headset would also be a viable solution.


This is the must dumb review of the valve index I came a cross. VR headsets and controler are like shoes :mans_shoe: one size fit all simply don’t apply. I’m ready to guess that Pimax controler won’t please all of us either…


The real issue for me is more comfort then anything I enjoy my pimax but when the index is worn if feels far from an inferior product. I have no interest in selling my pimax and look forward to the stretch goals. Your points on the forum are very valid and I have no interest in bashing pimax.


You can’t go much higher than that with 50mm round lens no surprise here…


Nothings obvious except the FOV. .after 2 units my Pimax has still cracks, Pimax seems do really try hard to increase support but that don’t means problems are not existent or rare issue. Image fluidity is not has good a my Vive in some case and rotation wobbling is present. Colors on the 5k+ are not accurate and confort with the current head strap minimal. SDE & resolution way better than my old Vive has it should be…


I have edited my initial post as it’s unfair. I have never contacted support with my Pimax. This is a fair point. Please if you ever get chance try the Index from a comfort and long play sessions point of view.


I want to try the Index for the refresh rate. I expect it will feel great but will not be enough to change the overall balance of pro’s and con’s. It is not only the FOV, there is also the leaky audio, the god rays, the limited sweet spot as compared to the 5k.

From the early reviews it seems the Index is not more comfortable than Vive + DAS (pressing on the nose and the face been not soft enough) and for me the 5k + DAS is as comfortable as the Vive with DAS. I have had 8 hour long sessions (with smoking and a lunch breaks) with the 5k + DAS and I haven’t felt uncomfortable. With DAS for me the 5k is better for longer use than any of the Vives because it doesn’t get hot and humid between the lenses and the face.

We can argue if it is acceptable for the Pimax to require DAS for comfort, but to this day the OG Vive still requires it also as a separate purchase. And then there are things like VR cover where you pay additionally to get additional comfort. So I guess different people will have different opinion about that. For me it is OK, but I can understand it is a valid complaint.


I need to spend longer and it’s all individual but for me the index is far more comfy than the deluxe audio strap used on my Vive not pimax and the leaky audio is outstanding and probably one of the index’s best features it’s so loud and clear plus directional, I know how they have done it. I hope pimax can get the head set and face cushions out asap. The pimax audio will also be a purchasable option for non backers and the initial pre order. I find the sweet spot better on the index but the rays are worse.


After a few hours in my new index last night im very impressed.
Screens are great. I believe the best ive tried so far (out of 5k,8k,vive pro, psvr which i own all of)
Colours are great.
Clarity is great.
Fov is not bad. Its not huge but it feels a little better than my vive/vive pro & is good enough for me.
Fov isnt a big deal for me though. I don’t mind switching from a 5k to a vive pro & adapt pretty fast.

I would say sde is lowest ive seen yet.
I did not see any god rays in the few games i tried.

  • Edit Ive noticed a lot of people have been mentioning glare/god rays in reviews.
    In the few hours i played it was not something i noticed but as someone who uses the vive pro, i think i am used to god rays & mostly they don’t bother me
    Either way i dont think they are anywhere near as bad as gen 1 where they could be annoying.

Black levels werent an issue at all but i admit i havent tried some of the games which suffer from lcd blacks for me ie… bbc home, alien isolation, elite.

Settings are refreshingly easy again.
Im still not 100% convinced if the 120hz refresh feels that different.
Im not too sensetive to refresh rates but there is something nice about how smooth it feels.

Build quality & materials are top notch.
The padding is very soft & comfortable.
Headstrap is my new favourite vr headstrap.
Those headphone/speakers are fantastic in every way & i dont want to go back to on ear again.

The controllers i love & are comfortable & high quality but have a couple issues for me.
The thumb doesnt naturally align on the stick but instead on the trackpad. Thats a shame but i was already getting used to it after a few hours.
Finger tracking at least for me was not perfect at times.
Fingers didnt fully retact, wrong finger tracked, 2 moved at once etc…
After shifting my hands about on the controller’s it got much better ie… worked well 9 times out of 10 but i was hoping for perfection.
Maybe it works better with different hand sizes.

Valve index might not be a huge improvement in tech specs but they have in my opinion almost perfected every aspect of what they have used.
Its a joy to use.


This worried me but i was so pleasantly surprised.
I felt like i was wearing high quality on ear headphones.
I couldnt hear anything else in the room until somebody spoke to me fairly loudly.
Sound quality & bass is great as is the feeling of surround.
Now i don’t want to go back to anything else

For me its definitely more comfortable.
Also i have a big nose but it fits ok. With the fov slider in as far as it goes, it does just touch my nose but even then it is comfortable. I played around 3 hours like that with no comfort issue.
A couple mm out & its not touching so i can always do that if i need to but tbh i dont think i will.


Anyone know if the head strap would maybe fit the Pimax ?


I havent looked to see how it comes off but it also has the fov slider built in to the side of it.
Also i think the face cushion plays a fair role in the strap comfort.
I don’t think valve would sell them seperately but you never know


You probably played a loud game. I believe the leaky audio will work for some people and not for others. If you share the room with somebody and they want to watch tv that would be problematic.
For me personally the main goal in VR is to get maximum immersion - the reason I have spent so much money on hardware. So leaky audio is literally a dealbreaker, it’s like adding a cord to a wireless headset - something to constantly remind you about RL. In practical terms - I play mostly Skyrim and FO4 with the soundtrack disabled (for immersion) so it is quite quiet. I live in a city so leaky audio would basically destroy everything.
It took me quite a while to get over the loss of the realistically lit dark Skyrim because of the LCD, I’m not willing to give-up more if there are no real technical reasons for that. I do understand what are the benefits the LCD brings so I was willing to accept it, but leaky audio and on-board tracking are currently my red lines.
So it will depend on the user cases and on what one wants from VR.

I can really believe that. I’m taking the first day complaints with a grain of salt because there is always the effect of new shoes and it takes some time for people to find the best fit and to get used to the new thing. People underestimate how serious the change of the daily driver can be in the first days and are willing to complain more, Some people also complain about the controllers been uncomfortable, but it seems they haven’t setup the straps correctly. So the first day complaints are not always valid.

All that said I still don’t see how the Index is an overall better option than the 5k + DAS. Going from 5k+DAS to Index still seems like an expensive downgrade.


Sounds like the Index is what vive should’ve been.
Damn if I had any loose money I’d get this index headset… but having too much expensive hobbies


My initial impression was the Valve index had a slightly lower spec and slightly higher price than I had hoped for. But early reviews seem to suggest it’s a good high end package. Personally I’m not convinced enough to buy one - maybe would have if I didn’t already own the Pimax hmd/Vive lh & controller combo.


I played a few games & that is a fair point. I think i was playing beatsaber while 2 other people were talking in the room & i couldnt hear a thing.
I think if there is background noise in the game, that will take over outside audio but on a game with no soundtrsck & long silences, i guess room noise will come into play.
I dont really get into that situation. I do most of my solo gaming late night when the kids are in bed & if there are other people making noise, generally im playing party style games with them which wont matter.


Have you tried ED with the index? I’m curious about the SDE and performance


Not yet. I will try it out probably tonight or tomorrow


I guess you are the perfect use case (also I guess you do not watch porn). This confirms my idea that the Index is perfect for people who play only Beat Saber like games - the refresh rate, the sound quality are big bonuses while the FOV is really not that important when all the action happens strictly infront of you and immersion is not a requirement.
In a sense the Index is competing with the Quest and not the other headsets for the users it is designed for.
But this generally means that the hardware dictates what and when is the best to play. It’s like getting a TV that can only show well a few specific channels… OK, this thread has helped me a lot to make sense of what is happening.


Thanks, there is someone one reddit coming from an OG Vive who could barely notice sde in ED. But from the vive wich is really bad in that regard it’s more interesting for me to know from someone with a pimax