Valve Index user reviews



LMFAO, think they have already fuxed somthing, they need to FIX it now he he :slight_smile:


Personal choice would be the index for comfort, clarity and having the most amazing speakers in VR. :exploding_head:


Yes I reported this to the team some day ago, and it seems its a problem in the new Odoo platform which they are trying to fix right now.


Index for me. Its is close though. Fov on pimax is nice and smart smoothing is good (games look good most of the time even if you are below 90 fps) But index comfort can not be matched. Fov is around small on pimax, better than other consumer HMD’s (except pimax of course). Colors and black level might be a little better than pimax but very close. For my IPD (64) and eyes index looks better (Could never get pimax perfect even when wearing glasses and adjusting settings it was off) so Index is my main HMD. Would like to see if backers ever get the eye tracking modules and if they could be used to fix ipd distortions but I’m not holding my breath


How is the Index SDE compared to the 5K+ on video and games?


No personal experience but from what I gather the index is much better in terms of SDE.
My first hand test of 5k+ was unacceptable SDE


Do you guyes feel like wearing ski googles wearing Index? It was a feeling I had in Oculus Rift I used to own (tried 5K+ for few feeks and sold it).

How does the Index FOV compare to Oculus’ FOV?

In DCS, sharpness and resolution are important for being able to read airplane’s instruments, sitting in the cockpit (+spotting enemies in the sky). Oculus in this department, had to lean forward, Pimax 5K+ was just ok. If Index’s sharpness and resolution are better (are they?), than 5K’s, I’m happy.

And those refresh rates in Index - would love to have it, been using 144Hz panoramic monitor for years, big Hz made huge difference to me.


I have the Pimax 8K and 5K+ but dont have the Index, yes the Index’s 120/144 hz has to be awesome. I loved the PSVR 120hz screen


I have both an 8K and an Index and for me there is no hands down winner. 8K is pretty great if you have the time to tweak it to a great state. Index is good though the flare is more than I can easily ignore but it doesn’t flare much in typical game play. The 120/144 hz is something I don’t really feel impacts the experience for me (I was really hoping otherwise). Also I wish the Index had a brightness control. Like the Vive it is too bright. So… what do I use? The Index. The lack of messing with it to play and the comfort wins for me. I hope to use the 8K again after more maturing of the sw and getting the DAS when/if we ever see it.

I still am impressed with what Pimax has pulled off. Yes like many I’ve been frustrated with the communications and the delays. That said I’m an engineer and have spent years working with engineers. Engineers always underestimate the work and as a group stink at clear communications :smile: Congrats to Pimax on there accomplishments so far.


Index and 8K user here, that’s great! :slight_smile: Any FOV (ski googles effect), sharpness and resolution thoughts?


You need Google to translate my review :wink:

I have compared here with the 5k+ and the SO+


To my knowledge and experience on accessible headset only the OD+ has a really better SDE but lesser definition. For close look objects in VR the SDE on a 5k+ is really fine, only for distant object SDE and definition is lacking…


thanks for the review. Don’t know if it’s because of the translation but you should make separate comment about SDE and clarity. which is two different aspects of visual quality. The 5K+ is really sharper than the OD+ but the OD+ has a better SDE


Well since owning a OD+ and 8k (prior 5k) I can say the SDE is not comparable at all!
Clarity is a different matter of course, which I won’t jump into for now.
Simply saying there is more SDE on the 5k than on OD+ is a misleading statement not showing the tremendous difference.

I really hated the SDE on the 5k and the SDE of the OD+ is great. In fact I’d say the SDE of the 5k is even closer to OG Vive than to the OD+
I’m sure that the SDE of the Index is gonna be much much better than the 5k.

The SDE of the 8k is also far apart to the OD+ but at least somehow entering an more acceptable level.

If the Index is at least in the middle of the road between 8k and OD+ (I think maybe even close to OD+) it’s gonna be nice at least in terms of SDE.
If it adds (and I’m sure of that) also more clarity (which is probably the only minus of the OD+) as well, it’s gonna be awesome as well.

Question remains if the much reported glaring issue is affecting much of the overall quality of the index.
Also heard little comparisons between Reverb and Index. So it’s gonna be very a interesting time ahead.

@doublefrag is reporting better SDE on Index than OD+ but it seems he is refering to clarity as well, mixing it up with SDE So this issue is not clearly distinguished. Other than that, nice review from a fellow kraut :slight_smile:


I have the Index since yesterday so I still evaluate…

I can tell you if the SDE is better, than its very minimal.
Text and cockpit is a bit better readable but also not that much.

There are no distortions on the Index but a weird thing, I have the feeling that I am seeing the edges of the screen in some cases which distracts me…


Maybe its me but I have beed in the lab for a while just watching the views on this mountain and there i noticed it the first time there is something wrong… its like some slight warping / skewing especially left and right from my center until the edges.

Turned down supersampling but it remains the same.
Ipd is set as measured by my optican.

Have to do further tests…

EDIT: Now that I saw the skewing it totally annoys me because I allways look for it, tried different positions not helping…


i owned both too returned the OD+ Because of small FOV telling the is a tremendous différence is misleading too. On near object It’s difficult to see the pixel structures on the 5k+ because on the vergence accomadation I suppose. On far object it’s near zero SDE on the OD+. But was you loose on SDE you also loose in definition


U’re right but as I said I was only talking SDE.

Yes I have noticed all the variances of FOV of all HMDs I owned/tried. I liked on my old vive to increase it a little more by using a thinner facepad, but comparing it to pimax of course all those mini-hacks are peanuts. I think comparing all the small FOV HMDs in terms of FOV is useless since they differ minimal anyways. Even coming with the smaller FOV OD+ noone is gonna be wowed by the index FOV I guess?
Let’s hope Pimax is not gonna turn out to be a one trick pony.


For SDE, 8K I would rarely notice unless I looked for it. For the Index only notice if I look for it. For FOV, the 8K is noticeable better and I generally ran with large FOV. Index is smaller but doesn’t feel confining. The Index I don’t see any distortion while the 8K it was common. Index has an edge on sharpness. For me, out of SDE, FOV, sharpness, resolution… really the only factor that is big enough to consider is the FOV.


I had the Index here for a day and compared A/B/A/B and decided to send it back. Each to his own I guess.

Here’s why: The FOV was so much smaller, felt like a horse with shutters. I can confirm the 130° in the Index are diagonal and need to compare to Pimax’ 200° diagonal. The vertical FOV is equal, but the horizontal is much less than the Pimax. I used ROV room in SteamVR to verify.
The comments on colors I don’t understand - I can adjust the 5K+'s colors and thus get better, more vivid colors than any other LCD based headset. The Index is terrible in ED because the glare was really disturbing. I could also see the edges of the screens, and my long eyelashes (which I’m envied for by Jane Cool) barbequed on the lenses.
The headphones swung off my ears when turning my head rapidly.

For maybe less than 10% more clarity along the view, these downsides weren’t worth it to me.

I then ordered knuckles controllers separately again, and have received well working ones. Still waiting for the Sword Senses though. I’ll then sell the Index Controllers. :slight_smile: