Valve Index user reviews



Linus took a look at the Index…


uh…im pretty sure the Index headphones arent actually headphones and arent suppose to actually touch your ears.

also how accurate would you say this FOV comparison is to your experience.


He means essentially the off ear soeakers swung out of position.


Exactly. English is the third language I learnt. Pardon me for my bad vocabulary.


My Idex just turned up, now I can think about RMA on My Pimax :slight_smile:


Furk Linus!!!


I compare Headset Mirror images displays from my Valve Index and HTC Vive and Valve index not show more horizontal and vertical FOV. At all.
Just see gif. Its images direct from displays with color and aberration compensation.


You can confirm with hmdq tool ( that rendered FOV by HTC Vive and Valve Index are almost the same.


For what? Just see dispay images, there more information. Valve rendered more FOV, but cut it. Headset Mirror option for Vive and Index make 2 images - rendered image and image transferred direct to display.


If you are interested in knowing the numbers, hmdq can provide them. It does not show any image though, so if you are more interested in the images it won’t help.


Was hoping it might be a little bigger. That very disappointing.