Valve Index user reviews



Tbh i don’t play beatsaber very often.
Im more into longer proper games ie… fallout, skyrim, alien iso ed, racing etc.
Vr porn would be a rarity in my house lol.
I have 4 kids


Sde is really nice. At least for me i had to look for it. It didnt jump out


Hi I felt the same the index Sde is less obvious than on either the 5k or 8k to me also or any other headset I’ve tried. I’m genuinely loving the Index sound and controllers the most.


Have you used or tried a Vive Pro?


Well, don’t know the fill factor of the respective panels, nor lens distortion effects (EDIT2: …nor any possible margins being rendered, or physically masked…), but 1600/109.4 (vertical) makes for 14.6 extremely roughly average PPD, as rendered, against 1440/103.6=13.9 for the P5k+, which does constitute an ever so mincuscle resolution improvement… :7

(EDIT: …and in case this causes anybody to wonder: The 8kX should by the same arithmetics come out somewhere around 20.5, whereas the 8k is the same as the 5k+.)


Yeah ive got the vive pro & wireless adapter


IMHO the cable, outside in tracking and price mean it’s really not competing with the Quest.


There probably isnt much in it but it does look better/crisper to me.
I think im in a minoroty here but even though the 5k sde is good there is something about the 5k panels which makes it jump out at me a bit more.
Its like a blockiness or something which to me makes the horizontal lines in particular show up at times.
Ive had 2 5k headsets & it happened in both.
It didnt bother me too much but at times at certain angles it used to be clearer & a bit annoying.
Thats a main reason why i preferred the 8k.
I dont get that in the index


0_0 Now you completely lost me :slight_smile:

OLED + wireless vs 170deg FOV + clear screen (no artifacts and god rays) vs Index… I can not imagine how the Index would win over any of the other two.

Are you wearing glasses in RL?


The 5k+ panels are horizontal RGB stripes, specifically, which could show up on monocromatic areas. Can you tell whether the Index ones are the same?


Ill try to have a look later


I kind of explained how I got to that conclusion in the same comment. Do I need to retype it? For Beat Saber like games the cable and the tracking are not that important. Both are designed to excel at the same type of games.


170 fov is nice but the headsets are problematic in too many other ways.
Wireless on the pro is fantastic & the reason why i still used it along side the 5k/8k.
The index seems to be a better experience in most ways than both.
(Apart from fov & wireless)


No i don’t wear glasses


Norm from tested actually said he missed the grip button after using the index. I also igns review of the index he mentions that in revive whike everything maps correctly the lack of a grip button makes it waaay to sensitive.

you basically have to not touch the grip at all for it not to register the grip


Guess you missed the last minutes of Sebastian live index « review » :sunglasses:


115 to be exact. i know it varies by person. but 115 is a far cry from 130.

Check out @mixedrealityTV’s Tweet:

@mixedrealityTV just tweeted that

now he thinks the index is better than pimax and the HP reverb (which he said was the best last week)

Not to sure I can trust his opinion. he seems to rate everything new as “the best” i mean the pimax resolutio. is the same as the index but has 170 fov how could it not be at least on par with 115 fov head set. And hes playing project cars 2 so controllers arent the issue.
Only thing left would be the comfort and speakers.

Not defending pimax here, i. at the end of my rope with it, but from a tech standpoint at least its on par or better than it gets credit for.


All this is vague and doesn’t mean anything to those who read. I have tried to understand why do you think the Index is better but you obviously don’t want to say so I won’t ask further. And the forum just told me I’m posting too much so I’m off to some virtual adventures :slight_smile:


Sounds like a case of needing to adjust a threshold value or scale factor appropriately, for emulation of legacy input.


Oh you find that too, new is better no ?:sunglasses: Already 2 pimax user here said clarity is better. Confort is not a small issue…