Valve Index user reviews



Not replying to you jojon.

Kind of not fair to be picking on small configurations details for a product not even mass available. we’re wainting for months now for a stable driver and feature for the headset only…


Well, sorry for cutting in. :7


Sorry for been a little opportunistic :wink: but your quote gave more credibility :wink: :wink:


Should in truth not compare one headset to another as proof of a setup being fine. Each headset is a bit different in how it’s hardware & software interacts. One that afftects A might not affect B. Consider the fellow that linked an Apple watch interfering with pimax. I am sure it likely doesn’t interfere with Oculus or Vive.

For example RaspberryPI computer doesn’t work with all Hdmi displays.


True the pimax xp is still very incomplete without the controllers & stretch goals.


You can if you like… but would still be wrong :wink:

Oh dear :joy:

I understand it may not be for you or I, but to dismiss it as a Quest/console experience is a little silly.


I think the pimax really needs the full setup and I hope they arrive soon. The audio strap will make a big difference for me.


Hi. I do enjoy comparisons but your 100% right on them having individual plus points. :+1::grinning:


Truth from those who have both headsets is more common with 8k pref.

Index is likely also using the dual lenses to reduce sde as valve does have some kind of patent on that.


Yep it’s a problem with subjective bias. If certain features are weighed more important to an individual; it will often tip the scale.

For example if I have a Vive Pro or Index; I would indeed use it along side the pimax headsets as you said both have merits for use & demerits of use.


Dual lens setup is more for controlling aberration and better FOV and getting a better sweet spot. SDE is more related to a design choice then anything else ( panel size/type and magnification factor) unless you take in account blurry lens that would reduce the visibility of the SDE :wink: To my knowledge no diffusion filter is used on the index


Truth without trying it for yourself; you don’t really know if what you suspect will match your xp until you do a hands on to confirm or disprove your hypothesis. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Each lense would reflect. Valve does have a patent on layering lenses to reduce sde. Each lens would have a reflected image. So looking through 2 stacked lenses may be similar in effect to Nvidia’s Cascaded Displays.


Don’t think it’s in the current version of the Index…


The only way to test is to remove 1 set of lenses while maintaining magnification.

2 lenses are 2 reflections stacked your looking through. Much like rear projection TVs used a layered screen.


" I mean its either 130 or its not… I mean its either 130 or its not…"

Err no that’s not how it works. It’s not an absolute like that. It will vary on how close or far away you place the screens.

I do believe any informed person would know that the 130 degrees FOV was IF you have the screens dialed in practically right on your eyeballs…


I basically did a mini review where i hit on pretty much every point on the headset.
Then expanded on points like the audio.
Maybe you didnt read that


If you care most about fov above all & dont mind dealing with time consuming game setting tweaks, comfort tweaks & bugs yourself, then pimax is still a good option with similar sde.
I enjoyed it for a while but tbh i can’t be bothered with the hassle of it anymore.
I don’t even play as much vr now & i think this was why.


I haven’t had to do any tweaks since comfort poorman then upgraded to Vive DAS + Studioform.

Game tweaks? Don’t do too much on those as SteamVR SS & in game settings stick. Pitool only once in awhile make minor adjustments.

I think some just tweak too much needlessly. Find some do that in flat games as well.


Not necessarily if you clearly see a define pixel and it’s small no filter is used.