Valve Index user reviews



Well as said your looking through 2 lenses vs 1 lens. Thus 2 reflections.


Yeah i was just remembering some time ago spending hours trying to get a balance of quality & performance in some games then get a pitool update & go almost back to square 1.
I guess it wasnt as bad once you get set up.


Live in 4 hours (10 pm CEST / 8 pm UTC).


I typically leave pitool at 1.0 - 1.5 (most often 1.25) the odd special case drop down to 0.5 - 0.75

  • Not the best comfort
  • Best audio
  • Clearest screen (more than 5K+)
  • Blacks are not that black
  • Colors are a little dull
  • SDE very much reduced - very subtle
  • Everything feels more smooth (and natural) using high refresh rate
  • FOV is larger than Vive Pro, much larger than the Rift S though You see the edges of the screen when You’re close (which You need to be to get full FOV)


I’ve watched 3 hour movies from The Hobbit 3D Extended Edition with the Pimax without any discomfort or eye strain.


I have confronted several people who say that the Pimax requires too much constant tweaking and at the end it always turns out it is on their side.People just love to blame Pimax for everything which is annoying and counterproductive as it drowns the real feedback.

I have also noticed that people don’t use many of the settings and options they are offered, making it harder on themselves. For example the Applications tab in SteamVR. If you just leave the SS in PiTool to 1 then you really need to setup a game only once. And generally all games will be fine with the same SS so you only need to do that with games you want to fine tune. Only the handful of games that require PP need their SS specifically tweaked as the higher supersampling doesn’t bring visible results but does affect performance. If you do tweak the SS settings every time you switch between Skyrim and FO4 instead of using the Applications tab in SteamVR then you would obviously be annoyed by “too much tinkering”.

Also the Index now proves that the need for PP is not a fault of Pimax, but a necessity in order to overcome issues in the games themselves. Valve does not provide a way to turn on PP via an interface, but there is already a post on Reddit about how to do it within the config files of SteamVR. Hopefully this will put pressure on the devs to fix the issue.


Why do you have to confront people it’s not an investigation or an inquiry… I’m a tweeker and a geek and yes this Pimax product require much more setting up then my Vive partly du to the high GPU requirement and optimization required. telling otherwise is not exact. Is it manageable yes. Thinking that the Pimax 5K+ is largely superior to the Valve index is highly subjective. I won’t purchase happily a lesser FOV VR headset but this doesn’t means that other headsets are not exactly what someone else needs now in terms of quality and easy of use for a given price…

Just for example I spend many hours just to find the right brightness setting to my taste because out of the box colors and brightness are not correctly adjusted. Will do the same with the RGB parameters. Never had to do this with my Vive or Odyssey+

Telling that FOV size in unimportant is not understandable but choosing other features in front of FOV size is…


Well if folks read Journey to Infinity blog on Sept’s Berlin Meet. He explains rendering & why a pp fix is needed for canting; he also explained Oculus’ half dome will require a rendering fix as well for programs not designed for curved displays.

But agreed some are over tweaking & not using per application SS with just leaving pitool at a set value of ie 1.0. If mem serves even @SweViver has mentioned to mainly set pitool render at x1.0 & more tweak IG & steamvr per application SS.


Confront maybe makes it sound worst than it is.

But honestly save fine tuning Steam’s Auto SS does okay with balancing in game settings. But many of us tweakers like to constantly fine tune to get things better.

I have a buddy that has difficulty just leaving settings and he has a mid gpu & often thinks he should be able to max settings. Lol


I’m actually curious why some people have an experience so different than mine and I am ready to try to help them if I can if they really face a problem. “Confront” because usually there are two situations: often with people who make general negative statements there is a real problem they are facing but they are afraid/ashamed to say what it is and you need to push them a bit. I have been active on different game modding forums for several years now and I have been able to help people who have been reluctant to come up directly with the problem that is souring their experience. I believe in the power in the open communities - I help where I can, other people help me when I need help;. That’s how
crowd-support works best :slight_smile:
The other situation is that some people who make general negative statements are just trolling and been “haters”. I already mentioned that there is a double standard for blaming Pimax about things that other companies are not been blamed about and it is annoying. Watching parts of the VR users community attack Pimax for having the audacity to not be Facebook or Valve and still push VR forward is really depressing. I believe one of the big problems in the first years of VR is that there are way more “enthusiastic customers” than “tech enthusiasts” and the way the social media deals with Pimax is one of the most depressing manifestation of that.

Yes, and I have tried to explain why I think so. I have not tried to change anybody’s mind, I’m just curious to know why they think differently. That’s the point of participating in a forum discussion - exchanging of ideas and points of view. I did actually say that after reading reviews and impressions I do believe the Index is a superior for games like Beat Saber or SPT. I formed that opinion after a discussion on Reddit with a guy who was actually ready to argument his position. I’m quite happy to be proven wrong, that’s the point in having discussions and I feel I have learned something after been proved wrong. What I’m trying to do is have a no-nonsense discussion, because that’s what is useful for everybody.


yes this Pimax product require much more setting up then my Vive partly du to the high GPU requirement and optimization required

This makes sense, but I believe it is incorrectly worded and puts a blame where there shouldn’t be one.
I have an 1080ti, fastest possible for my mobo RAM and overclocked i7-7700K. (I’m also fine with reprojection so I rum all non-PP games at 4024x3308 and I’m happy with that). I can understand with weaker systems more tweaking is required in order to find the sweet spot between performance and quality. But this is not a fault of “this Pimax product” or of Pimax itself. If you want the best possible cuting-edge VR experience without the hardware to back it up you need to be ready for the leg work this requires.Yes, things are expensive and it can take some time to get a good system. But when I sometimes reach the limit of my PC when dealing with the 5k I’m not blaming Pimax for that, I’m actually thankful that they have given me the option to play with “this product” and I’m just waiting for the other players in the PC hardware field to do their own innovation. Sorry if this last part sound a bit negative, it is not intended to be :slight_smile:


@prinyo if you would like a bit of insight into the reasons why i would prefer the index over my 5k/8k
Heres a post of mine from February

Unfortunately most of that & more still applies to this day 4 months on in fact ive had 2 cracked hmds. One ticket for cracks recently closed after 3 months without even a reply from pimax.
Im in this for 3 more basestations, 2 hand trackers & a set of controllers.
The sad thing is i dont even care anymore.

If i had to point out the shortcomings of the index i would struggle & i would definitely recommend it.
Its a very nice well built product.
If you just touched the padding or heard the audio you would get that.

Also i would like to say i spent a chunk of my own time creating the psvr headstrap adapter for the pimax in the hope of improving mine & others comfort & adjustability so Its been love hate.
Ive had fun with it.


I use my vive pro gear lens wireless a lot too just easy to have a quick game without faffing about , pimax needs the per game configuration setting and they need to get the headstraps made and sent out asap .
Got my pimax super comfy but it looks a right mess made from a wmr headstrap
Come on Pimax we shouldn’t need do do this stuff


In my own post in that thread I’m actually sharing the same main concerns

And I still do not recommend it for people who do not own a Vive. But I do believe most of the other points about software and settings are a question of one time setup and PiTool did come a long way in the past few months.
But two cracked headsets in a row is indeed infuriating and now I completely understand your point. I still think the overall failure rate for the Pimaxes is within reasonable limits based on the big picture, but if I were you with those 2 cracked headsets I would also look for a change.


The cracks dont really bother me. Ive just accepted thats what happens to a lot of these hmds.
Although yes the software has improved, much of what i wrote is still the same.
When i wrote that post, i thought things would have changed by now, we would have more of the main accessories & i would be happy to recommend it.
It just hasnt happened.
For me though i feel too much time has now passed.



The per game setting I can kind a understand with things like PP. But honestly SteamVR has one that I use & generally works fine save those games that req pitool at 0.5 - 0.75 (below 1).

Even Nvidia & Amd has one That I generally don’t bother with(though maybe it does some auto things behind the scenes).

I can see why some prefer consoles as there isn’t the temptation to tweak things just load & play. Games & Steam have auto configs that work well enough. But most of us seem to enjoy fine tuning.


Bummer you cant use the Index controllers with ol school V1 Vive lighthouses


You can. You just cant use v1 controllers with v2 lighthouses


Well MRTV live about the index is about to start